Music Monday: Period Drama – Love Is A Battlefield

We are stepping back into the early Eighties for today’s musical selection, which someone has used to create a great period drama video with loads of dramas represented.  There is a”story” reason I selected this song today. However, before I get to that reason, let me give you an update on a couple of upcoming books.

Sossery. “Period Drama – Love Is A Battlefield.” YouTube, YouTube, 6 Oct. 2012,
  • Becoming Entangled:

I have gotten the files uploaded to various digital retailers and one by one, they are putting the book on preorder as I am working on creating the print copy.  Release day is scheduled for November 28, 2017. Yes, I did decide to push the date out instead of trying to rush to keep my original date.

One of the things I had to do this week to get this ready was finish writing the “blurb,” aka the book description. Here is how that turned out:

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Can she scheme her way out of one betrothal and into another?

Anne de Bourgh wishes to dance until she is dizzy, walk until she is tired, and marry a particular gentleman who causes her heart to skitter and skip and flutter.  There is, however, one thing that stands between Anne and her aspirations — her mother.  

Nevertheless, when a young lady is determined, things such as a mother’s restraints and a long-standing betrothal are merely impediments to be circumvented.

Practical and cautious, Alistair Pratt is smitten with Anne and has been patiently biding his time until he can make his intentions known.  However, with his mother’s desire to see him married increasing, Alistair, when presented with a scandalous plan, throws caution to the wind to secure his love. 

But,  the course of true love never did run smooth.

When a gentleman with a grudge discovers the lover’s plans, things become tangled and twisted. Will a love that was meant to be find its happy conclusion, or will it end up as only a tale of what could have been?

One more thing about Becoming Entangled — It will be featured in my Austen Authors post this Tuesday (as in tomorrow). I have created some graphics about some of the research I did for this project, and I am including an excerpt and a giveaway with my post.

  • Two Days before Christmas: I have reached “the end” of the first draft and have begun working my way through it checking the story and catching a few typos and errors along the way before I send it to my story editor and then start the real detailed editing work.  I am still hopeful that this book will be out by December 19th.  It’s going to be a busy month!

And that brings me to One Winter’s Eve, the story that has slipped into my writing block of time which was left open by the completion of Two Days before Christmas (TDBC). TDBC hinted at a sequel as I was writing it, and I have decided to explore that idea and see where it takes me.  So far, it looks like I have a fight or is that battle on my hands.  😉 Do you see the song title connection? If not, I am pretty sure you will by the end of the last paragraph of this —

AN EXCERPT FROM One Winter’s Eve: 
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Friday’s Feature: For Peace of Mind

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This month’s Friday Feature holds a special place in my heart as it is the first Pride and Prejudice variation book I wrote at the very beginning of my writing/publishing journey. It is not, however, the first book I published. That honour goes to Oxford Cottage.  I honestly never thought this book would be published. It was in pretty desperate condition when I completed it and needed a lot of revision and editing — probably the most I have had to do on any book. However, a friend challenged me to do that editing work, and I accepted and set aside my November back three or four years ago to complete the task. I am glad I did.  There is something about this book that continues to draw me along while reading — even though I know where the plot is going. 🙂 I also really enjoyed creating a relationship for “my boys” (Darcy, Bingley, and Colonel Fitzwilliam) that is not stuffy, formal, or rigid but relaxed and fun. AND THEN there is Master Andrew Gardiner and his relationship with his favourite cousin and the gentleman who loves her — it’s rather special. 🙂 But enough of my reminiscing, let me share the description of the book and then an excerpt.


Let’s begin with the book’s description:

Elizabeth Bennet has thrown away her one and only chance at marriage, or so her mother laments over and over again until finally, to restore a measure of peace to his house, Elizabeth’s father sends her to London to stay with relatives. 

Fitzwilliam Darcy has fled Netherfield and its enchanting neighbour, hoping to hide away in town until his heart is no longer in danger of being lost to Elizabeth. 

Of course, neither expects to see the other. In fact, after having been so harshly insulted at the Assembly, Elizabeth rather hopes that, with Darcy’s departure from Netherfield, she has seen the last of the arrogant man. 

However, it is not to be.

When a chance meeting throws the tantalizing Elizabeth and haughty Darcy together, how will each respond to the other? Will her opinion change? Will Darcy get a second chance? Or will the plans and desires of others keep them apart forever?


Now for an excerpt. This portion is from chapter 3. I couldn’t resist giving you a little peek at the Gardiner children. Enjoy! Continue reading Friday’s Feature: For Peace of Mind

Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 5

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Part Five

“Darcy,” Bingley said as Darcy finished his missive to Colonel Fitzwilliam, “perhaps you could help me with a little problem?”

Darcy glanced up from the paper he was folding and preparing to seal.  “Anything.”

“My sister…”

“Except that,” Darcy interrupted with a chuckle.

Bingley shook his head.  It was good to see Darcy so hopeful.   “I would not foist her on you.  If that were my intention, I would have done it long ago instead of suffering through these years with her airs.”

Darcy inclined his head in acceptance. He was thankful his friend had the good sense not to throw his sister in Darcy’s path.  Caroline Bingley was not the sort of lady that he had ever considered.  She was too… His brows furrowed, what was she exactly?  Devious, practiced, lacking in warmth? Any of those would do he supposed. Put simply, she did not possess a nature that appealed to him.

“I do not know what to do about her hiding Miss Bennet’s call from me,” Bingley continued.  “You know I am not the best at knowing how to deal with Caroline.”  He sighed. “I wish she would just marry and be someone else’s problem.”

Darcy lifted a brow. “You care for her,” he reminded him.

Bingley shrugged.  “Not as much at this moment as I did before I knew she was trying to keep Miss Bennet away from me.  I would rather fob her off onto the first chap to seem welcoming than have to keep her and act appropriately.”

“You would not fob her off on the first chap,” Darcy contradicted with a smile.  His friend really did care for both of his sisters, no matter how much they annoyed him.  “You would see her well-settled, at least.”

Bingley blew out a breath. It was true. If Caroline was not well-settled, he would have to abide her displeasure for the remainder of his life, and he honestly did not wish to see her utterly unhappy, he supposed, even if presently he was not entirely convinced of that fact.  “Then what do I do?” Continue reading Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 5

Wordless Wednesday: London Illustrated – Advertisement

via Wikimedia commons: 1872, Image extracted from page 197 of volume 1 of London (illustrated). A complete guide to the leading hotels, places of amusement …. Original held and digitised by the British Library.



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Music Monday: Pride and Prejudice – When I See You Smile

Today, I thought I would share one of the videos on my Music Meets Movies playlist since the song seems to go with a particular part of the story excerpt. I am drawing close to the end of my current WIP — or at least the conclusion of the conflict I had wished to resolve — and am now considering if the story ends here or not, as in, there might be a conflict which could arise as I move past this happy for now place in which two of my main characters find themselves.

wantingyounear. “Pride and Prejudice – When I See You Smile.” YouTube, YouTube, 26 Feb. 2007,

That’s about as clear as stagnant pond water, isn’t it? Well, you see, I don’t want to give too much away about my current story, but as you will see in today’s excerpt below, Georgiana is planning to go to Netherfield for Christmas, and Wickham will be there.  There is this niggling in my mind prodding me to explore what might happen in Hertfordshire.  However, I don’t think that doing so in my current story would be appropriate for a couple of reasons: my main characters would almost certainly shift and the initial intent of the story I have been writing has been met so adding another conflict would lend itself to a wandering storyline (something of which I am not fond). So, it appears I will have some serious thinking/plotting/story structure analysis to do this week.

In other story news, I have received Becoming Entangled back from my final editor and have begun the last pass re-read of that story, and now I must decide if my original publication date of November 21 is best or if pushing it out and adding a short preorder might be better for getting everything accomplished without losing my mind from the stress of making sure everything meets the rather exacting standards I strive to uphold at Leenie B Books. (I find myself excessively demanding at times.)  🙂

It seems I have a few decisions to make this week as I edit and write. While I open my calendar and being to ponder these things, I will leave you with this —

AN EXCERPT FROM Two Days before Christmas: Continue reading Music Monday: Pride and Prejudice – When I See You Smile

Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 4

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Part Four

“Why would she not have you? I see no reason for her to reject you.” Bingley knew he was close to securing a solution.  He had learned from his father that there were always a few nagging details which threatened to sink any negotiation.  Hopefully, this obstacle would be easily overcome, although, with Darcy, even a small obstacle could become nearly insurmountable when he was in a dour state of mind, such as he was this evening.

“She believes George Wickham.” Darcy drained the remaining liquid from his glass and placed it firmly on the table next to him.  “Which means he has once again stolen from me that which is dear.”

“He has not,”  Bingley refuted.  “He did not succeed with Georgiana, and he will not succeed with Miss Elizabeth either.”

Darcy’s jaw clenched as he shook his head.  “He has already influenced her against me.”

“How do you know?” With any luck, there would be a great leap that had been made by his friend who could be overly pessimistic about things at times and see one small error as the ruin of a project.

“She questioned me about Wickham at your ball.”

Bingley leaned back in his chair and bit his cheeks to keep from smiling with satisfaction.  He had heard about Miss Elizabeth’s questioning as Darcy had vented his frustration on an innocent set of billiard balls. It might be challenging to overcome the obstacles of George Wickham and Miss Elizabeth’s poor opinion of Darcy, but from Bingley’s position when considering the whole scheme of Miss Elizabeth and George Wickham, there was at least one way in which he knew he could very likely prod Darcy into action. Continue reading Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 4