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Oxford Cottage

Click to find this book at your favorite store.Elizabeth Bennet expects to complete the challenge her father has set before her at Oxford Cottage. What she does not expect is to meet a handsome stranger and fall in love, nor does she expect to find herself in a situation where she will have to keep both herself and her young companion safe.


For Peace of Mind

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After refusing Mr. Collins’ offer of marriage, Elizabeth Bennet is sent to stay with her aunt and uncle in London. While there, she finds both love and opposition.  Can she keep both her love and her peace of mind?


Teatime Tales

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This book is a collection of six short and sweet Austen-inspired stories. Three are dedicated to our favourite Austen couple, Darcy and Elizabeth, while the remaining three are stories about Colonel Fitzwilliam from Oxford Cottage, Fanny and Edmund from Mansfield Park, and a slightly scheming and matchmaking Bingley from Pride and Prejudice.


Listen to Your Heart

Find this book at your favourite store!When Anne de Bourgh finds some hidden papers, her view of the future changes in light of her father’s wishes.

Her declaration to follow her heart and choose her own future causes discord and forces secrets to be revealed.  Sometimes the path to happily ever after can be strewn with danger and intrigue.


Through Every Storm

Find this book at your favourite store!Wickham is a changed man, but his wife has yet to leave some of her childish ways behind.  Can a former wastrel redeem both himself and his wife?


The Choice Series

Available as a bundle or as individual novellas

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This series is a re-imagining of Jane Austen’s classic tale, Pride and Prejudice. When Mr. Bennet makes a choice to help his eldest daughters find happiness, he sets off a chain of events that will affect the lives of not only all his daughters but also many of Darcy’s relatives. Enjoy these stories as a Fitzwilliam family secret unfolds, new loves are formed in the face of opposition, and an old love is rekindled.


Her Father’s Choice

Book 1 in the Choices Series

Find this book at your favorite store. Sometimes a father knows what is best for his child. At least Mr. Bennet trusts he does. Seeing the potential of a good match for his beloved Lizzy but knowing her ability to hold a grudge, he puts a plan into action that forces a marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth.


No Other Choice

Book 2 in the Choices Series

Find this book at your favorite store.Mary Bennet has never been the center of attention and rarely the object of any man’s affections, but that is about to change. Shortly after Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding, Mary travels to London to prepare for the season, a season she is determined to finish with either a husband or a glorious tale to tell, even if it means learning to tolerate Lord Rycroft.


His Inconvenient Choice

Book 3 in the Choices Series

Find this book at your favorite store.Colonel Fitzwilliam has always known his father would try to force him into a marriage of convenience, but after Kitty Bennet captures his heart as she shivered in the cold on the streets of Meryton, he realizes his only chance at happiness lies in making an inconvenient choice. However, it is a choice that will not go unchallenged. As family secrets are revealed, it is a choice that, in creating happiness for the colonel, could destroy his  family.


Her Heart’s Choice

Book 4 in the Choices Series

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To Anne, it had seemed simple enough.  Place an advertisement in the paper, interview the gentlemen who responded, and select the best husband.  But nothing is as easy as it seems.  Indeed, many things are quite the opposite of how they appear.  How is a lady to find a safe and secure marriage when her ideals are turned on their head ─ especially when her heart yearns for a man who is wholly unsuitable?


Willow Hall Romances

Willow Hall in Derbyshire was once the home of Darcy’s friend Lucy Tolson.  But after her father’s death, Darcy finds himself in a position to lend his friend aid by purchasing the small estate.  The new tenants, the Abbots, are lovely friendly people, who delight in entertaining.  When guests (both expected and unexpected) arrive at Willow Hall in the summer after Darcy’s disastrous proposal, romances will flourish, and Derbyshire will see its share of weddings.

And Then Love

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A Pride and Prejudice Prequel ~ Willow Hall Romance, Book 1

Events from the past combined with threats in the present threaten to tear Lucy and Philip apart unless Darcy can help his friends save their blossoming love and rid Lucy of her uncle once and for all.


The Tenant’s Guest

Find this book at your favourite store!A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella ~ Willow Hall Romance, Book 2

When Fitzwilliam Darcy bought Willow Hall, he thought he was helping a friend escape an untenable situation.  Little did he know he was purchasing a second chance for his own happiness.


So Very Unexpected

So Very UnexpectedA Pride and Prejudice Variation Novel ~ Willow Hall Romance, Book 3

Lydia Bennet only meant to surprise her sisters and enjoy some fun. She thought she had planned well enough to avoid any disagreeable consequence, but she did not. However, when plans go awry, the results, much like the lady who made them, can be very unexpected.


At All Costs

Find At All Costs at your favourite retailer.A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novel ~ Willow Hall Romance, Book 4

When Charles Bingley travels to Derbyshire, he is determined to win back the heart of the lady he loves. It is a task that proves more difficult than expected. However, having compromised what was of greatest value once, he will not do so again, and both friend and foe discover that behind Bingley’s pleasant facade lies surprising hidden depths.


Better Than She Deserved

Find Better Than She Deserved at your favorite retailer.A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novelette ~ Willow Hall Romance, Sequel 1

Franklin Rhett was once captivated by a young lady who showed deference to a shop girl, and he is on a mission to make that lady his wife. It doesn’t matter to him that she has become somewhat of a shrew or that he doesn’t meet all of her qualifications to be an acceptable choice. He sees the lady she could and should be, and he’s not afraid to eliminate the competition while teaching his future bride a well-deserved and long overdue lesson.


A Dash of Darcy Duo

Click to find this book at your favorite store.A pair of short novellas intended to give the reader a dash of sweet romance. Purchase each title individually or as a bundle.

Finally Mrs. Darcy

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After being separated for years, it takes very little time for Darcy and Elizabeth to come to an understanding and for Elizabeth to discover the true reason for their separation.  Is a complete restoration of relationships possible, or will their happily ever after always be tainted by separation?


Waking to Mr. Darcy

Find this book at your favorite store. A sudden clap of thunder, a downpour of rain, and an injured Elizabeth in desperate need of care conspire to force a marriage between Elizabeth and Darcy.



A Very Mary Christmas

Find this book at your favourite store. A sequel to Waking to Mr. Darcy

Mary Bennet is planning an escape. Nicholas Hammond is planning his future. But their destiny? Well, that rests in the hands of schemers.


Discovering Mr. Darcy

A wrFind this book at your favourite store. ong room, a locked door, and a final opportunity to understand one another

When Fitzwilliam Darcy left Netherfield, Elizabeth Bennet had yet to decipher his character and assumes she will never receive the opportunity to do so until he unexpectedly arrives in Kent where Elizabeth is visiting a friend.


Not an Heiress

Find Not An Heiress at your favorite retailer.A Sequel to Discovering Mr. Darcy

She’s not an heiress. He’s not a parson. But each is exactly what the other desires.

When Richard Fitzwilliam meets Mary Bennet, all previous notions are turned on end. Will prudence and propriety prevail or will lessons be learned that no book can teach? And what is a poor second son to do when the one luxury he cannot do without is not an heiress?



New Beginnings:

Find New Beginnings at your favourite store.A Pride and Prejudice Variation Anthology 

In this collection of three Pride and Prejudice inspired books, love will be put to the test. But whether time, insults, danger, or foolish actions threaten, true love will not be thwarted. Sometimes, love just needs a fresh start.

Titles included in this anthology are For Peace of Mind, Through Every Storm, and Finally Mrs. Darcy.

Despite the Circumstances:

Find this book at your favourite store!A Pride and Prejudice Variation Anthology

Whether schemers force our heroes and heroines together or attempt to tear them apart, in this collection of four Pride and Prejudice inspired books by Leenie Brown, you will find stories of love that triumphs over the circumstances.

Titles included in this anthology are Oxford Cottage, Listen to Your Heart, Waking to Mr. Darcy, and A Very Mary Christmas.