Henry: To Prove Himself Worthy

Today marks the book birthday for Henry: To Prove Himself Worthy — a book that began its journey into existence through an idea left in the comments on a Music Monday post.  Let me tell you a little about the book and then leave you with two links — one where you can read a preview and one to all the stores on which this novella is available for purchase.


This book is about Henry Crawford, the would-be prince charming to Fanny Price’s Cinderella.  Had he had a better upbringing, had he had the fortitude within himself to resist his own vanity, had he been faithful to do what he told Fanny he would, his fate would have been different.  There were so many things that he should have but did not do, and in so not doing, he worked out his own ruin and unhappiness.

In the final chapter of Mansfield Park, Jane Austen has a fairly lengthy passage about how Mr. Crawford came upon his ruin, and that is where she leaves him — in misery. The reader does not know what will become of him beyond him feeling the consequences of his poor choices most greatly.

This is where I have picked up the story. Right there, where Henry is feeling his failure, where he his heartbroken and wretched.  But I have no intention of leaving him in such a state, for you see, in my story, the agony of loss had done its work and begun a transformation, leaving Henry Crawford with a desire to regain something of what he lost in Fanny Price and on a path to achieving his own happily ever after.

However, change is never easy.


A preview of this book is available HERE.

You may purchase this book at your favourite retailer HERE.


He’s failed before, but with her help, this time, he might just succeed.


Music Monday: A Traditional Christmas, Brian Crain

So this week, in addition to writing (short excerpt below), I have been getting things ready for the publication of A Very Mary Christmas (info below).  I figured that while working on a seasonal story, I should be listening to some lovely seasonal piano music, so this playlist has been playing repeatedly in my office.   Continue reading Music Monday: A Traditional Christmas, Brian Crain

Advance Reader Copies of Waking to Mr. Darcy

w2md_cover-1In advance of the September 19, 2016 release day for Waking to Mr. Darcy, I would like to make available 5 Advance Reader Copies of the book to my Blog Followers. These copies can be found at this link:

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There are ABSOLUTELY no strings attached to this freebie; however, a review or a shout out on social media would be appreciated if you wish to give one. BUT it is not a requirement.

And, of course, the book is either now or soon to be available for preorder on …


Music Monday: Finding You, Gareth J. Rubery + 3 Excerpts

“Gareth J. Rubery ✪ Finding You ✪ Piano, String Quartet, Brass and Choir ✪ Garethjrubery.com.” YouTube. YouTube, 31 Dec. 2015.


On this Music Monday, I am replaying a song that I have used previously on a Music Monday.  Why? Because the title is just so perfect for the books I am highlighting this week in my sale and the one that is now posting at darcyandlizzy.com. All three books have to do with people who are known to each other but who do not find each other until circumstances force each of them to view the other person differently.

Let’s take a look at an excerpt from each book that shows a small bit of that moment of realization.

EXCERPT FROM Her Father’s Choice:

~ Available for a reduced price beginning tomorrow ~

[This is the part where Elizabeth finally realizes that she not only finds Mr. Darcy to be a different man than she imagined him to be…she realized that several pages ago…but he is also the man that she loves.]

“Who are your fine feathered friends?” Mary asked Elizabeth.

A small burst of laughter escaped Lady Sophia. “They do rather look like a couple of preening parrots, do they not?” Her eyes twinkled with amusement. “Miss Ivison is in the green, and Miss Pearce is in the blue. They are two of the ton’s best gossips.”

“And apparently friends of Miss Bingley,” said Elizabeth. “They have had news from her.”

Mary rolled her eyes.

“You do not like Miss Bingley?” asked Georgiana.

“I do not like her behaviour,” Mary said very primly. “She is always trying to elevate herself by lowering others. It is not right. ”

“No,” agreed Lady Sophia, “putting another down to raise yourself up is not right and often ends in embarrassment and disappointment. But, it is, unfortunately, a common trait within the ton, and a disappointed lady with such a fault in character can be very cunning and cruel.”

Georgiana smiled at Elizabeth. “I imagine Miss Bingley is very disappointed since she can no longer claim my brother for herself.” Continue reading Music Monday: Finding You, Gareth J. Rubery + 3 Excerpts

Music Monday: Johnny Reid, Brian Crain, Editing, and an eBook Sale

JohnnyReidVEVO. “Johnny Reid – Dance With Me.” YouTube. YouTube, 23 Nov. 2009.


Sometimes when I sit down to face my work, my mind is everywhere — scattered like a bowl of peas that has been knocked over.  This is when I go searching my YouTube playlists because music can often “set the mood” and pull my distracted focus back to where it needs to be.  One of the songs that helped me find my focus this week was “Dance with Me” by Johnny Reid. It is just such a sweet and romantic song that it had the perfect tone for my writing.  Of course, once I get to putting words on a page, I must switch from music with words to instrumental music.  That is where this second video fits in. 🙂 It says it is music for reading, but it also works well for writing and editing. (And it is from Brian Crain…who is a favourite of mine.)

29briancrain. “Piano Music for Reading.” YouTube. YouTube, 26 Apr. 2016.

This week I have not been writing. I have been editing two stories.

W2MD_coverThe Tenant's Guest (1)

Waking to Mr. Darcy, I hope to have ready to publish early in September.  The first chapter of this story can be read at this link.  For those on my mailing list, I hope to soon (as in before Friday) have at least a second chapter ready for you to have a sneak peek at, and shortly after that I expect I will be able to start posting it at darcyandlizzy.com for reader feedback before I send it off for additional editorial services.

The Tenant’s Guest, which can still be read in its rough state in Thursday’s Three Hundred, should be ready to publish by either the end of September or the first half of October.

On top of all that editing, I have been getting ready for a Back to School Ebook Sale with Zoe Burton and Rose Fairbanks.  The sale will be ongoing for 3 weeks with different books being featured each week.  These are this week’s featured ebooks:

August 16 - 23, 2016

So grab a new book at a great price, find a comfy spot, and spend some time reading….with or without Brian Crain’s Piano Music for Reading playing in the background. 🙂

All books available for purchase at the following e-tailers


Music Monday: The Choices Series

Choices Bundle Cover (1)


Today, I am resharing this video that I made for my series of Pride and Prejudice Novellas called Choices.  This series is now available on Kindle, iBooks, and Nook as a bundle at a very good price.  It will be available on Kobo as soon as I hear back on a technical issue I had during the publishing process.

All Leenie b books are available for purchase at the following e-tailers