Her Father’s Choice, Chapter 4

HFC front coverThis has been a bit of a stressful week on the publication front. The Kindle version of Her Father’s Choice is still not available in the Kindle store despite being published a week ago. Something has gone wrong in the technical realm and after many emails to Amazon, their technical people are looking into the issue.  They have told me that I should have an answer by the end of day November 12.  However, the ebook is available at Kobo and the print version is available on Amazon.

I have not yet figured out how best to share my books here after they are published.  So, for now, I will include an excerpt of the chapter below which will be followed by a link which for the next week will take you to the rest of the chapter.  However, at the end of the week, this chapter will become unavailable and the next one will become available.


Chapter 4

Lady Sophia tapped her toe as she waited in the sitting room with Georgiana at Darcy House. “He should expect me to be early. I always am.” She straightened her sleeve. “I am curious to meet the lady who has finally captured your brother.”

“Captured would be the proper word for it,” said Richard entering the room and giving first his aunt a kiss and then Georgiana. “I did not realize you were coming today, Georgiana.”

Georgiana pursed her lips and looked at her aunt. “I was not supposed to come.”

“An omission made in error, I am sure.”

Georgiana looked at her aunt doubtfully. “My brother does not make errors of omission. He is the most fastidious correspondent.”

“Ah, well, your brother does not get married every day, either.” She smiled and raised her brows, which combined with the twinkle in her eye, made her look very impertinent. “He will see his error as soon as I have explained it to him.” She patted Georgiana’s hand reassuringly before turning to Richard. “Now, tell me why captured is the proper word.”

“It seems – ” began Richard.

“That I am the topic of gossip within my own home,” finished Darcy as he entered the room and gave Richard a stern look. “Georgiana! It is a surprise to see you.” He placed a kiss on his sister’s cheek while giving a questioning look to his aunt.

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