Her Father’s Choice, Chapter 5, Now Available to Read

The next chapter of this story is available to read and will remain available until next Saturday.  And good news came this week, Her Father’s Choice is now available for purchase at both Kobo and Amazon.

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Two days later, Richard entered Darcy’s study, a paper in his hand and a piece of wood under his arm.

Darcy looked up briefly from his papers. “Did you lose your way to the workshop?”

Richard took a seat in front of Darcy’s desk and placed the diagram of a jewelry box on top of the papers Darcy was reviewing. “Will she like it?”

“It is lovely,” said Darcy.

“Yes, I know, but will Miss Elizabeth like it?” He pointed to the design to be carved in the top. “Is this a flower she would appreciate?”

Darcy shrugged. “I cannot be certain, but it does seem to be something she would like. I have never thought to ask her which flowers she prefers.”

Richard drummed his fingers on the desktop.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Darcy. “She said her room was decorated as if she had done it herself. There are some pieces of yours in there. Remember?”

“Quite right!” Richard stood and snatched the diagram from Darcy. “Do you mind if I borrow one? I can follow the pattern from before but add a few distinguishing features.” He was nearly at the door before Darcy could reply that the idea was excellent.

The door opened as Richard reached for the handle.

“Father.” Richard nodded to the man who stood behind Mr. Daniels.

Lord Matlock looked at the wood Richard held under his arm and then, with a raised brow and a pointed look, said, “Colonel.”

“For another year, my lord, and not a day longer,” said Richard as he pushed past his father.

Glancing quickly at the clock on the mantel, Darcy rose to greet his uncle. He knew that in less than an hour, his aunt, who had insisted on being seen in town with Elizabeth would be arriving for tea, and Georgiana, Elizabeth, and Mary would be with her. He did not wish for his uncle to still be here when they arrived, but he doubted that any interview would be short in duration.

“You are still allowing my son to use your workshop?” Lord Matlock waved the butler away.

No, this was not going to be short or pleasant. “I am.”

“I do wish you would not encourage his foolish notions.”

Darcy waited for his uncle to be seated before taking his own. “Perhaps I encourage it because I do not see it as a foolish notion. Women stitch and net. I do not see why a gentleman cannot carve and join wood.”

“It is not done is why. And to compare a man’s pursuits to that of a lady.” He shook his head. “Preposterous! But I am not here about that foolishness. I am here about a completely separate but equally concerning piece of news that I have had from my sister, Sophia.”

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