Lest We Forget…

“at the 11th hour

on the 11th day

of the 11th month”

To Future Generations

by Cindy Barber

In Flanders fields the poppies blew.
The men who died I never knew.
The crosses marked the places they fell;
The poppies we wear their stories tell.
They were courageous, brave and very young;
I can’t understand about the battles won.
The wars they were so long ago,
Why did boys, men and women go?
To fight for freedom for me and you,
So we could choose what we say, think and do.
And I must not forget that they fought for me.
Because of their selflessness now I am free.
To each generation the stories are told,
Of brave men and women from today and of old.
Their fighting in places both near and afar,
I pray will all cease and there’ll be no more war.

Thank you to my friends Kathleen of Kitty’s Daydreams and Cindy Barber for allowing me to share their creations.

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Leenie Brown

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