Music Monday: Colin James, Five Long Years

“Colin James – Five Long Years.” YouTube. 18 Feb. 2011.


A few months ago now, while I was driving to an appointment, this song came on the radio.  Well, the phrase “it’s been five long years since I’ve seen your lovely eyes” got me to thinking about a particular pair of fine eyes and imagining why there might have been five years since the last time a particular admirer of those eyes saw them.  And that thinking has led to the beginning of a story which currently has no title.


Elizabeth Amberly ne Bennet took in the splendor of the ballroom.  It was far grander than she had ever experienced.  She no longer felt overdressed; though, she did still feel strange wearing colour after so long in mourning clothes.

“Come, my dear.” Her uncle, Gareth Amberly, took her elbow.  “There are people to meet.”

Elizabeth put a smile on her face and nodded. At one time she had enjoyed meeting people.  It had been amusing to watch their interactions and make judgments about their character, but that was before she had discovered how very little she knew about judging character.

“Ah, there is someone for you to meet.  He is older but has never married.”  Her uncle leaned close and whispered.  “Some say he has been nursing a broken heart for years so I’d not get my hopes up, but one never knows.”  He gave her a wink. “And you must start somewhere.  You are too young to remain a widow.  You need a husband and children.  Jack was a good man, but he is not the only good man. In fact, I wondered at times if he really was the man for you.”  He steered her through the throngs of people while he patted her arm reassuringly. “Oh, I know you were happy, but — and I probably should not speak so of my own nephew — there was no spark.”

He was quite correct on that account.  Theirs was a happy marriage.  Both husband and wife were affable and well-suited in temperament, but it was a dull existence.  Jack would never cross Elizabeth in debate.  He would never do anything to provoke.  He found many things diverting, but not enough to truly enjoy a good laugh.  But, he had provided a good home, a good income, and good connections.  Even after his passing, she had been surrounded by those who truly cared for her.  She knew she should be thankful for such an arrangement — truly she was — and she should be content to be in such a secure position as she now was, but there was a part of her that longed for more…what was the word?  Her checks flushed as her mind found it.  Passion — she longed for more passion in life.

“Here we are.”  Her uncle tapped a gentleman on the shoulder.

Elizabeth gasped and her free hand flew to her heart as the man turned around.

“Ah, Mr. Darcy, may I present my niece, Mrs. Amberly.  Elizabeth, dear, this is Mr. Darcy of Pemberley in Derbyshire.”  Her uncle hid a small smile as he took in the looks of shock on both faces.  Perhaps the rumours he had heard were true. He waited for a few moments for one or the other to speak, but seeing as it was unlikely, he prodded, “I had hoped you might be willing to dance with Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy.  This is her first event since she came out of mourning.”

So do you think this idea has potential? I’m thinking it might. There is a rather interesting reason for why the two have not seen each other for years…I don’t want to give too many spoilers…but Bingley is involved.

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