Music Monday: High Valley, Love You for a Long Time

I heard this song several times this week on the radio or was it during my YouTube surfing…or perhaps it was both. (It was probably both. 🙂 ) Anyway, it is a song I like from a group I enjoy listening to, and it kind of got stuck in my head.  I found it often coming to mind as I was writing which seemed appropriate since the story has reached the point where Elizabeth has finally realized that she does love Darcy.

Part of the lyrics of the song say this:

Long as there’s a breath in me,
Right down to my last heartbeat,
Long as your blue eyes shine,
I’ll love you, love you for a long time

So let the storm clouds roll,
Let the rain fall down,
‘Til the good Lord calls me home,
I’ll be around, I’ll be around

And that, I believe, is what Darcy is expressing in this snippet. (WARNING:  This little excerpt might need a SPOILER alert…read at your own risk. 😉 )

From Her Father’s Choice:

Mary shifted and leaned against the wall of the coach instead of her sister.  Elizabeth watched Mary to see if she was going to stay situated, then she slipped across the coach to sit on the bench next to Mr. Darcy, whose eyes immediately flew open letting her know her assessment of his lack of sleep was indeed accurate.  

“May I sit here for a moment?” she asked.   

“For as long as you wish,” he said. There was a hint of grogginess to his voice.  He was tired, but thoughts of his own father’s passing kept him from sleep.  He knew the pain of losing a parent for he had done so twice over.  

“I wanted to thank you.” Elizabeth placed her hand on top of his. “You knew exactly what needed to be done to have us travelling as soon as possible.”   

He turned his hand over where it lay under hers and twined his fingers with hers.  “I understand the urgency of such a trip as this,” he said softly.   

She nodded, unable to speak  for a moment as the tears once again threatened.  She tightened her grasp on his hand, finding comfort in his strength.  “Thank you,” she whispered once again.  “For caring for me.”  

He turned his face toward her.  “I will always care for you.”  

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