Music Monday: Humble and Kind, Tim McGraw

TimMcGrawVEVO. “Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind (Official Video).”YouTube. YouTube, 21 Jan. 2016.


It’s a rather short link between music and story this week.  I am finishing the first stage of the editing process on a short novella, Finally Mrs. Darcy, that should be available in July. Part of the story revolves around a situation that requires forgiveness.  There are a couple of lines that came out of my characters’ mouths that made me think of this song.

At one point near the end of the story when the person, who has wronged the hero and heroine, has finally realized the extent of the pain he has caused, he says that he would beg for forgiveness, but he is certain he does not deserve it. To which, the hero responds…

“You do not, but is forgiveness ever deserved?” asked Darcy. “Or is it a gift bestowed, and not easily so, by the one wronged?”

Then, a short while later, after more of the sad tale of what has happened in the past.  The heroine gives this person some advice and shows him kindness.  Again, he says that he does not deserve it.  To which, Elizabeth, echoing Darcy’s sentiment says…

“Perhaps you do not, but does anyone ever deserve kindness, or is it a gift bestowed by the giver?”

Forgiveness, kindness…they are gifts. Things that we possess and can chose to give or withhold.  And on the other side of the equation…things that we can chose to accept or reject.  The choice to give or receive is ours.


If you would like a sneak peek at Finally Mrs. Darcy‘s first two chapters, they are available to read to those who have signed up for my newsletter.  So, if you are on the list, check your email for the newsletter that gives you the link and password to the chapters.  However, if you haven’t signed up, the link is over there <– under the menu.

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  1. I have been signed up for your newsletter for several months, and always enjoy the sneak peeks at the new works. I have not received the password to the current work in progress. Could you please resend? I would be very grateful.

  2. Ms. Brown, I just read your first two chapters to ‘Finally, Mrs. Darcy’. You certainly have me intrigued. I hadn’t expected such a quick proposal! Looking forward to hearing more about this new novella!

    1. I am not one to have ODC separated for too long…at least so far I am not one to do that. I figured 5 years was long enough to wait since a proposal was expected before that separation began. I am currently posting it on to get some feedback on it before going to the next round of edits.
      I am really glad you enjoyed the beginning of the story. It is a short novella (7 chapters…fast read).

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