Music Monday: I Don’t Dance

Yesterday afternoon, I was creating this graphic…

TT- Tolerable to Lovely(it’s a pinned tweet on my twitter profile this week)

…and the song that kept going through my head was…

(This song has always made me think of Mr. Darcy. 🙂 )

I often use music when writing:

relaxation music that helps me focus

upbeat motivational songs (played at a high volume) that get me going

and of course….

songs that evoke emotions and ideas inspiring some part of a story.

Since this blog is about following my imagination….I thought I would start sharing some songs that I find spark that imagination.  Unlike those that are often a part of Wordless Wednesday, these songs will probably have words (though maybe not always).  And just as Wordless Wednesday has a connection to a story, these may also have a connection…just like today’s.

Enjoy your Monday!



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2 thoughts on “Music Monday: I Don’t Dance”

    1. My husband had CMT on for some show one evening, and in the morning I turned on the tv and this song was playing. I immediately thought of Pride and Prejudice and how this seemed like Darcy’s song. 🙂 It really is a beautiful song.

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