Music Monday: Il Divo – Regresa a Mi (Unbreak My Heart)

“Il Divo – Regresa a Mi (Unbreak My Heart).” YouTube. 24 Oct. 2009.


The song in this video is on the playlist I was listening to this weekend while doing some cleaning and while my phone was in my pocket, I managed to hit repeat and listened to it three times before I was able to reset it!  I didn’t mind really, since I do love the song. During the second or third time through, I started thinking that this would be a good song to go with the portion of story below.  I’m not sure if there really needs to be much explanation to link the song about a broken heart and the story excerpt that contains a rather cruel refusal.

EXCERPT FROM Her Heart’s Choice: 

Lady Sophia’s eyes grew wide as understanding dawn on her.  “You love her?  But how?”

Alex released his breath quickly.  “My father’s estate is in Kent, near Rosings.” He paused, not sure how much of himself he should reveal.

“This family is good at keeping secrets,” said Lady Sophia casting a quick glance at her brother.

“Aye,” agreed the admiral, “from the world and each other.” He winked at his sister.  It had only been a few weeks since she had revealed her secret.  She had no way of knowing that keeping that particular secret would cause him pain, and so he did not hold her accountable.  His brother, who had forced the secret to be kept, he held very accountable.

“You will agree that not a word of my situation will be shared with Miss de Bourgh?”

“Not a word,” Lady Sophia agreed.

“You will allow her to walk away from me if that is her choice?”

Lady Sophia sighed.  “Unless in doing so she will be utterly miserable.”  She shook her head.  “I cannot allow that.”  She smiled reassuringly at him.  “Perhaps the knowledge I gain from your tale will assist me in knowing how best to help.”

“My sister, the matchmaker,” said the admiral as he waved his hand toward his sister with a flourish.   “She’ll not rest, my boy, until things have been arranged to best advantage.”

Alex could not help the chuckle that escaped him .  “Very well.  I shall tell you.”   For the next ten minutes, Alex told of his interest in the stables at Rosings and of the young girl of fourteen, who had sneaked in to the stables in search of a fast horse, one that was fast enough to cause her memories to float away on the wind.

Alex saw the red rims of her eyes and heard the soft sniffle as the groom readied a steady mare. 

“He is not fast enough.” 

“He is the only horse you are allowed, miss,” explained the stable master.  “I’ll not risk my position or your life. I dare say I risk enough allowing you to ride when your mother is unaware.” He gave Anne a stern look.   

Anne huffed.  She pulled her arms more tightly about her waist.  She  must keep that hurt inside until the air was rushing past her and drying her tears without leaving a trace.  She stood silently shifting from foot to foot and watching a cat swish his tale back and forth as he sat perched on a stool. 

“Henry will ride with you.”  The stable master took the reins from the groom and led the horse out to where the steps had been put in place to help Anne in mounting the mare.  “Alex,”  he called over his shoulder, “you may also attend Miss de Bourgh.  It will give you the chance you have been wanting to see our horses in action.  I will be interested t o hear what you have to say about their quality when you return.” 

Anne looked at the young man, who was leaning against  the side of the stable. 

“Miss de Bourgh,” the stable master stood ready to assist her in mounting.  “That is the younger Mr. Madoch,” he explained. 

Anne’s brows furrowed.  She had seen him at church and knew well enough who he was. What she did not know was why he was here in Rosings’ stables. 

“He has an interest in horses,” the stable master continued. 

Anne was not fond of the idea of having a groom accompany her let alone a handsome young gentleman, especially when she needed to cry. 

“I will not trouble you, Miss de Bourgh, unless you wish it.”  Alex smiled at her.

“Why are you not at school?” she asked.  Her tone was decidedly displeased.

“I return Monday next,” he said swinging neatly into his seat. 

“What are you studying?” Anne asked.  Perhaps talking with someone of something unrelated to her father and mother would work just as well to remove the argument she had heard from her mind. 

“Law.” He was studying it, but he had no desire to pursue it. His interests were entirely wrapped up in horses, but his father insisted that he study a proper profession.  And so, thinking that the law might help him with his future dealing with customers and landowners, he had taken up the study of the law and had excelled enough to please his father. 

Anne chewed her lip.  She was uncertain what else to say.  He seemed a very untalkative sort of gentleman.  She cast a cautious glance at him now and again as he rode beside her. 

“I had planned to remain silent and merely observe the horses, but after she had looked my direction the fourth time, I spoke.  I told her about my love of horses and my plans to one day own my own stable.”  He smiled.  “And so started a friendship.  When I was home, I spent more and more time at Rosings.  We rode together and discussed all that was both right and wrong in our worlds.  She was just set to be given a season in town the last time I saw her.  She was nineteen, and I was afraid she would be whisked away by some gentleman as soon as she set foot in town.”  He paused and looked at his hands.  “So, I spoke of my desire to marry.”

“Marry you?”  Anne asked in surprise, pulling her hands away from him. 


“I cannot marry you.”  Anne turned her back to him.  She willed her heart not to answer as it wished.  To  marry for love and not position was a dangerous proposition and not one she was willing to chance.  “In truth, I am not ready to sign my life away to anyone, but you? You are a second son with little inheritance.  Your father is no one of importance while my father is a baronet and my uncle is an earl.”  She turned back to toward him. 

“But I will be a man of substance one day.  Earls and even Dukes if not the king himself  will seek me out.” 

She laughed as coldly as she could.  “You?  You must be mad.  People of rank do not seek out people like you.  They use them, manipulate them, and cast them aside.  I want no part of that.”  She clenched her jaw tightly against the pain she saw in his eyes and shrugged.  “You are not good enough.”  Then with her heart crumbling into thousands of pieces, she nodded a goodbye and fled from him. 

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