Music Monday: Love Will be Enough, Dean Brody

“Dean Brody – Love Would Be Enough (Official Video).” YouTube. YouTube, 23 Nov. 2015.


I have heard this song several times this past week and thought it kind of sums up Richard and Kitty’s story quite well.  So, I thought I would pair it with this last excerpt from their story.  And this excerpt is from VERY near the end of the story, so read at your own risk.  🙂

AN EXCERPT FROM His Inconvenient Choice:

Kitty took a slow turn about the room admiring the tables and chairs and stopping to feel the fabric of the drapery. “It is all so lovely,” she muttered. “The colours and the design complement each other perfectly.”

“Lady Sophia has an excellent eye. This was her doing.” Richard took her by the arm and led her to an alcove with a comfortable seat. “You said you were in need of a rest, and this looks just the spot,” he explained, taking a seat next to her. “We will not have anything this fine. BayLeafe is only a small estate.”

“I am quite happy with a small estate, my love. It is what I have always known.” She peeked up at him. “Will you be happy? You could have married for convenience and had something far grander.”

He pulled her close. “I am quite happy with my inconvenient choice,” he teased as he ran a finger across the scar on her forehead and then cupped her cheek in his hand. “I am not romantic, so I fear my terms of endearment might not always be what one might expect.”

She smiled up at him. Although he kept saying that he was not romantic, she knew differently. He may not be given to romantic, flowery, loving words, but when he pulled her slightly closer as they walked the streets of London, when he brought her a box engraved with forget-me-knots for her pencils, and when he rubbed her cheek with his thumb as he did now, his actions spoke in thunderous tones of his love. “I do not require a romantic,” she said, pressing her cheek more firmly into his hand, “I require only you.”

I will choose you

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