Music Monday: Mean, Taylor Swift

Swift, Taylor. “Taylor Swift – Mean.” YouTube. TaylorSwiftVEVO, 13 May 2011.


Well, I am sure you have guessed that with such a song as “Mean,” this week’s excerpt has something to do with Miss Bingley, right?  Right.  Miss Bingley and her friends are up to their usual mean tactics in this excerpt.

AN EXCERPT FROM His Inconvenient Choice:

“Miss Bennet.”

Kitty stopped and took a moment to affix a smile to her lips before turning toward Miss Bingley.  “Good morning, Miss Bingley.”  She looked past her to the two ladies who stood with her.  They were the same two ladies who had been with her yesterday.  Perhaps if she looked at them, Miss Bingley would remember to introduce them to her, although if they were friends of Miss Bingley, perhaps it was better if she did not know who they were.

“Miss Ivison, Miss Pearce, this is Miss Bennet.  She is the sister of my brother’s wife.”

“Another Bennet,” said Miss Ivison.  “There certainly are a lot of you.”

Her comment made all three ladies titter, and Kitty was now certain she did not wish to know any of them.

“There are five,” said Miss Bingley.

“Five?”  Miss Ivison’s voice dripped with disapproval.  “Are you all so daring as Lady Rycroft or Mrs. Darcy?”

Kitty did not miss the particular emphasis placed on the word daring.  “Not Mrs. Bingley,” she replied with a smile.  “And I do not think myself to be particularly daring, but I imagine Lydia does.”  She spoke in what she thought was a way very similar to Lydia when she was attempting to shock someone into leaving her alone.

“Yes. Well,” said Miss Bingley, “it seems you shall have to find a new beau.”

“Pardon me? I do not understand your meaning,” said Kitty.

“Colonel Fitzwilliam,” said Miss Bingley.  “It is in all the papers.  Do you not read them?”

“I have not read it today,” said Kitty.

Miss Ivison made a show of shivering.  “Were you on your way to the modiste shop again today?”  she asked Kitty.

“I am.”  A sense of dread began to settle in her stomach.  It was obvious that these ladies were not about to leave her alone.  For what purpose she did not know, but she suspected it was not a pleasant reason.

“Do you work there?”  Miss Pearce, who had not spoken to this point, tipped her head and studied Kitty.

“No. My aunt is there.  She and Mrs. Havelston are good friends. I was just getting some trim for my bonnet from the milliner.”

“Hmm,” said Miss Pearce.  “I thought perhaps you might assist her ─ recording measurements, gathering material, drawing patterns.” She paused and raised a brow as if she knew something that Kitty did not before continuing.  “Your mother is from trade after all, so it must be in your blood.”

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