Music Monday: Passenger – “And I Love Her”

Passenger. “PASSENGER – ‘And I Love Her'” YouTube. YouTube, 03 Feb. 2015. Web.

I am at that point in the story where sharing any excerpt poses a risk of a spoiler, so I apologize for any spoiler this excerpt may contain.

From No Other Choice: 

“I am sorry,” said Rycroft.  “I promised Bingley I would protect her from schemers and yet, it is I who has brought this schemer to her.” His jaw and fists clenched.

“And you wish to do harm to him,” said Darcy quietly.  “But he is a friend and it feels wrong to think of harming him.”

Rycroft nodded.  “But what he has planned…”

“Is reprehensible.  I understand far more than you know,” said Darcy.  “You remember I was once friends with Wickham.”

Again Rycroft nodded.  “I know I must deal with Blackmoore, but what of Mary?”

“I shall speak to her,” said Elizabeth.  “Perhaps her affections have not been engaged.”

Rycroft’s shoulders relaxed as a weight lifted off them.

“You have not failed her.”

Rycroft looked at Darcy in surprise.

Darcy gave him a wry smile.  “As I said, I understand far more than you know.  You have kept your promise to Bingley.  Did you not hear of a scheme and take immediate steps to prevent harm?”

Darcy stood and Rycroft followed.

“Go home, Rycroft.  Miss Mary shall be well.  The most dire circumstances have been avoided.”

Elizabeth took Rycroft’s hat from the table and handed it to him as he reached the door.  “Thank you,” she said.

“For what?” he asked in surprise.

“For caring for my sister.”  She smiled at him.  “You do care for her, do you not?”

Rycroft turned his hat in his hands.  “Very much,” he admitted.  There was no denying it any longer.  She had left, and instead of feeling relieved and his mind clearing and righting itself, he found that his world seemed to be lying at his feet in pieces.

Elizabeth laid a hand on his arm.  “A library, an aunt and a ball.”

He chuckled despite his gloom.  “If it becomes necessary, Mrs. Darcy.  If it becomes necessary.”

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