Music Monday: Period Drama: A Thousand Years

“Period Drama: A Thousand Years.” YouTube.  Video created and uploaded by TheDeathlyNight on May 5, 2012.

This is a song that I simply adore.  It is on my Music to Write By in an instrumental version (no words are allowed on that list 😉 ).  But, I also love this video of it.

I have begun working on my next book, and this song is one that I keep playing as I write it. (In fact, I think it could be an unofficial theme song for the story.)

In this variation, Elizabeth and Darcy are forced into a marriage by … nope, not telling yet. 🙂 But know that at the beginning neither are completely sure of their feelings for the other; though Darcy does suspect he is indeed in love with Elizabeth.

This little bit of the story is in its “Head to Page” version, and I hope it survives to the final draft because it is sweet. Darcy and Elizabeth are in the process of learning a bit more about the other. Elizabeth has just asked why Georgiana has not accompanied Darcy to Hertfordshire.

From Her Father’s Choice

“She is with her aunt and taking lessons from the masters.  I did not wish to interrupt her education.”  He smiled slightly and there was a twinkle in his eye.  “And she did not wish to spend time with Miss Bingley.”

Elizabeth’s eyes grew wide.  “But, Miss Bingley led me to believe she and Miss Darcy were close.”

“She knows how dear my sister is to me, so I believe she says it so that I will think she would make a good sister for Georgiana and, therefore, a good wife for me.” He stood and extended a hand to Elizabeth to assist her in rising from her seat on the stile.  “She is mistaken if she thinks I would ever consider her for a wife.”

“Because she is from trade?”

Darcy laughed.  “No, because she is annoying and rather dull.” He tucked her hand in the crook of his arm and kept it covered with his own.  “I have always wished for a companion in a wife.  Someone with whom I can have discussions. Someone who has read extensively and has a quick wit.  I wish for my sister to have a sister who is compassionate and caring as well as intelligent and strong.”  His steps faltered slightly at the realization that dawned on him.  “I believe…” He paused.  “I believe I have been looking for you.”

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