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Today, I thought I would share one of the videos on my Music Meets Movies playlist since the song seems to go with a particular part of the story excerpt. I am drawing close to the end of my current WIP — or at least the conclusion of the conflict I had wished to resolve — and am now considering if the story ends here or not, as in, there might be a conflict which could arise as I move past this happy for now place in which two of my main characters find themselves.

wantingyounear. “Pride and Prejudice – When I See You Smile.” YouTube, YouTube, 26 Feb. 2007,

That’s about as clear as stagnant pond water, isn’t it? Well, you see, I don’t want to give too much away about my current story, but as you will see in today’s excerpt below, Georgiana is planning to go to Netherfield for Christmas, and Wickham will be there.  There is this niggling in my mind prodding me to explore what might happen in Hertfordshire.  However, I don’t think that doing so in my current story would be appropriate for a couple of reasons: my main characters would almost certainly shift and the initial intent of the story I have been writing has been met so adding another conflict would lend itself to a wandering storyline (something of which I am not fond). So, it appears I will have some serious thinking/plotting/story structure analysis to do this week.

In other story news, I have received Becoming Entangled back from my final editor and have begun the last pass re-read of that story, and now I must decide if my original publication date of November 21 is best or if pushing it out and adding a short preorder might be better for getting everything accomplished without losing my mind from the stress of making sure everything meets the rather exacting standards I strive to uphold at Leenie B Books. (I find myself excessively demanding at times.)  🙂

It seems I have a few decisions to make this week as I edit and write. While I open my calendar and being to ponder these things, I will leave you with this —

AN EXCERPT FROM Two Days before Christmas:

Elizabeth peered through the front window of her aunt’s sitting room. It had been a week since…(I don’t want you to know this part yet 🙂 )  Mr. Darcy, with Mr. Bingley at his side, had called at the Gardiners each day, and she had welcomed him most happily.  Today was no different.  Her heart skipped and a smile spread of its own accord across her face as she recognized the carriage that was driving up the street.  He was nearly here.  She tucked her work basket under her chair, making certain the square of cloth she was embroidering with leaves and scrolls was well-hidden before returning to watch out the window for Mr. Darcy.

“I take it our callers are nearly here,” Aunt Gardiner commented with a laugh.  “To think that the man you criticized so thoroughly in your letters could make you flit about as you are!”

“I am not flitting,” Elizabeth retorted.  “I am merely hiding a gift.” 

“You are flitting,” Jane assured her sister as she crossed the room to join her.  “And I am certain there is nothing wrong with flitting.”  

“Oh, there is nothing wrong with it at all,” said Mrs. Gardiner. “In fact,  I am quite pleased to have you both flitting about my house in anticipation of your gentlemen’s arrival.” She also joined them at the window. “I am delighted that you have both found such wonderful young men to love and who love you in return. It will not be long until we hear the banns being read for you both. Of that, I am certain.” She placed an arm around each girl’s shoulders. 

Love. The word had been playing in Elizabeth’s mind for two days now — ever since… (Yep, can’t let you see that either 🙂 )  Her aunt had hinted even before that that Elizabeth might be in love with Mr. Darcy, and although Elizabeth could not accept that fact then, she was equally incapable of denying it now.  She woke each morning with anticipation of seeing him in her heart and closed her eyes each night imagining his smile, and the hour or so he spent with her each day was the best part of her day. 

“We should likely not be gawking out the window when they arrive,” said Aunt Gardiner as the carriage began to draw to a stop before the house.  “Come, have a seat.” 

Jane did as her aunt suggested, but Elizabeth remained at the window until she saw him alight from the carriage.  He stood for a moment in front of the open carriage door and, seeing her, smiled and lifted a hand in greeting which she returned in kind. (There, this little bit and her imagining his smile before she sleeps is why I chose today’s song.)

Then, as he turned to assist his sister from the carriage, she took her seat to wait for him.  The wait was not long.

“You are looking well, today,” Darcy said as he took his place next to her. 

“Do you truly think so?” Elizabeth asked fidgeting with the seam of her dress.

“Yes, I do.  I am correct, am I not, Georgiana?”

Georgiana laughed.  “You are rarely incorrect,” she said, “which is highly annoying.” 

He shook his head. “Ah, but when I am wrong, I am grievously wrong.”  He glanced at Bingley and then gave Elizabeth a sheepish grin.

Elizabeth’s cheeks grew rosy. “A trait we seem to share, although I do think I am in all likelihood wrong more often but in lesser degrees, punctuated now and again with an error of enormous proportions.”

Darcy said nothing but his eyes flickered with amusement. 

“See how wise he is to neither contradict or agree with my assessment of myself?” Elizabeth asked Georgiana. 

“Another annoying trait,” Georgiana assured her. 

“Were you successful in finding what you sought this morning?” Elizabeth asked. 

“Mrs. Annesley and I have crossed everyone off our list. Not an item remains that needs to be purchased for our Christmas celebration.” 

“You will be joining Caroline and me for Christmas at Netherfield, will you not?” Bingley asked.

“Indeed, I would not miss Christmas in Hertfordshire for all the world,” Darcy replied. 

“I have told Caroline that we are to give a ball on Twelfth Night. She is nearly delighted to be returning to Netherfield to display her talents.” The amused smile Bingley wore spoke to the truth of his sister’s preference to not be returning to Netherfield at all.  “Before I left Hertfordshire last, I promised Miss Lydia that I would hold a grand soiree.”  He clapped his hands. “We must invite your cousin, Darcy. He would add a certain something to our lot!”

“If you mean he will fill your home with copious amounts of tales and there shall never be a dull moment, then yes, Richard will fill that role admirably.” 

“I have no doubt the good colonel will keep us entertained, but that is not the particular skill I had in mind.” He gave Darcy a pointed look, allowing his eyes to flick to Georgiana for a brief moment. 

“I shall be well, even without Richard standing guard.”  Georgiana crossed her arms and pursed her lips in displeasure. 

“Oh, I would feel much better knowing your cousin was near, my dear.” Mrs. Gardiner interjected.  “That scoundrel needs to feel his disgrace,” she added vehemently.

The subject of Georgiana’s travelling to Hertfordshire was one that had been canvassed several times before her brother agreed that with all the festivities of the season and the number of visitors that they would have to entertain them and be entertained, it was unlikely that Georgiana would have to be in Wickham’s company for longer than a brief meeting on the street if even that. 

“I will ask him tonight,” Darcy assured Bingley. “I would also feel better knowing he was there.” He patted his sister’s hand.  “And not just for you,” he said softly. 

The conversation shifted to more mundane topics as tea was served.  Then, as Mrs. Gardiner gathered empty teacups and insisted on the gentlemen relieving her plate of the remaining biscuits, Elizabeth slipped out of the room and went upstairs to collect her pelisse and refresh herself before leaving for dinner — an engagement that made her stomach flutter and her heart race. 

Half an hour later, as she exited Darcy’s carriage in front of Matlock House, she was not entirely certain her heart would survive its wild thudding. 


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  1. I’ll have to try the video later as it comes up as an error on my phone but don’t worry as I would imagine my phone is at fault. Now with the excerpt – very sneaky cutting parts out I think but I admit I like the fact that both Darcy and Elizabeth admit their love and hope Fitzwilliam agrees to go and is able to keep Wickham away.

    1. I hope you get to see the video later. There is just this one part that leads to this happier state that I did not want to ruin the surprise of. The trip to Netherfield is the part I am considering doing in a sequel.

  2. Your editing of the pertinent parts made me laugh. Just wonderful to be anticipating another new book in a short week or two! *happy dance*

    1. 🙂 I am looking forward to releasing both of these because I like to share them with you guys and at the moment, I would really like to have them off the to-do list as that thing seems to be bulging and about to explode into chaos — that might be a slight exaggeration. I am sure the explosion would only result in an untidy mess that would require cleaning up. 🙂

  3. I tried to peel off the happy face in the hidden parts, thinking it would be like a sticker hiding the super special sale price that only I was eligible to receive. (Do you get junk mail like that in Canada?)

    I enjoyed seeing the happy banter and all of the smiles shared by everyone. I hope Elizabeth has a delightful evening at Matlock House with no surprise visits by uninvited relatives and no blatant, condescending interrogation. (Of course, maybe your Matlocks are kind and understanding, eager to welcome anyone Darcy likes.) I’ll just have to wait…did I ever mention how bad I am at waiting…are we there yet?

    1. Yes, we do get that sort of junk mail. Sorry, no peel aways in this post. I am trying so hard to keep some secrets — I’m not so good at it. I get excited about sharing these things. I’m also not good at waiting. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the banter. 🙂

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