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How was your week? Are you ready to begin another? At this very moment on Sunday night when I am writing this, I don’t know that I feel ready for another week to begin. 🙂 Last week was busy, and the one coming up promises to be even busier. However, it is not a horrid busyness at all. It is a good, fulfilling race to the publishing line sort of busyness. I just happen to be tired at the moment. 🙂 So, press play, and while the music (a new addition to my Music to Write By playlist) plays, let me tell you what I accomplished last week and where I am headed this week.

Simply Three. “Simply Three – Rain (Original Song).” YouTube, YouTube, 4 Oct. 2017,


Last week I…

wrote my Austen Authors post for this Tuesday, found or created graphics for it, and made certain it was scheduled.

wrote the book description for One Winter’s Eve, and after getting the proofreading edits back, read the entire book one more time fixing the things that had been marked.

wrote another 1251 words of Confounding Caroline and hit my new goal of writing at least 1250 words per day on three out of the four days scheduled for my current work in progress –> Enticing Miss Darcy.

posted two chapters of Enticing Miss Darcy to Patreon

did a few other odds and end sorts of jobs as required for my business — there are several things that need to be done that are not writing or editing to keep my business running. I wish I could say I got to them all and that I have a great schedule figured out for keeping up with everything and that nothing ever just got ignored because there wasn’t time or due to forgetfulness, but I can’t. 🙂 Things included in this group of duties would be keeping an eye on sales numbers at all vendors, checking on how ads are doing, listening to or reading about professional development sorts of things, finding pictures for book covers, creating book graphics, and so on.

This week, I…

will be uploading files to my vendors and getting the preorder for One Winter’s Eve running while I create the print version and wait to proof it.

will be sending out an email to my mailing list informing them of the preorder and making a limited number of advance reader copies available to them.

will take my turn at Austen Authors on Tuesday. My post is about researching for character development. There will be an excerpt from One Winter’s Eve and a giveaway included. I would be delighted to have you stop by and learn about how I approached working with Caroline Bingley in this upcoming release.

will be posting a Friday’s Feature in which I share an excerpt from a book in my backlist and offer it to you at a lovely sales price! (Kindle Sale 🙂 ) So, be looking for that!

will be posting two more chapters (hopefully) of Enticing Miss Darcy to Patreon. I say hopefully because publishing stuff might get the way of writing time this week — I hope it doesn’t, but it might.

will be doing more of those odds and ends sorts of duties. 🙂

I think that’s it. Like I said, it has been and will be busy, but it is a good, fulfilling busyness that I am so very blessed to “endure.” 🙂

Below is a bit of Enticing Miss Darcy from my writing time on Thursday. This portion has not yet been posted to Patreon, so it is new to one and all. 🙂 It is the beginning of chapter 6.

EXCERPT FROM Enticing Miss Darcy: 

“She’s watching you,” Anne hissed in Jack’s ear. “Go ask her to dance.” 

Jack casually glanced over his shoulder in the direction of Georgiana. “Do you think it best?”

Anne sighed in exasperation. “Yes.  Did I not explain to you how she needs to be reminded that you exist and are a wonderful person – far more so than that Mr. Tibbett who keeps calling on her?” 

“I had thought she would send him packing after whatever it was at the park.”  Jack gave his sleeves a tug and then affected a position of nonchalance against the wall as Anne took the seat next to him.

“She’s a Darcy,” Anne grumbled. 

“Why does your husband allow you to attend these things?” Lady Margaret interrupted Anne’s reply as she took the chair next to her.

“To keep you company was tonight’s reason,” Anne replied with a smile. “And I can sit around here just as well as I can at home.” 

Lady Margaret leaned closer to her granddaughter. “There is a certain exhilarating something about just being here, is there not?”

“Indeed,” Jack muttered, giving Lady Margaret a wink and a mischievous grin when she looked his direction.  “Such strategies and posturing. It is almost as entertaining as a play.” 

Lady Margaret shook her head. “No, this is much more entertaining for there is no scripted ending. Anything could happen.” 

Jack inclined his head in acceptance of her statement and then added, “not all the unscripted endings are happy.”

“True. There are some tragedies.”  She smirked. “Such as why you are not yet my grandson.”

Jack blinked, and his indifferent expression slipped for a moment. He raised a brow in question at Anne, who shook her head.

“You have not called at Darcy House in two weeks as of tomorrow.”  Lady Margaret gave him a disapproving look.

“I have no intention of calling.” He turned his attention back to the dancing. 

“Are you set on that Parkes girl then?” Lady Margaret asked.

“No.” He spared her a brief look – long enough to see that her expression had not softened. “There is nothing to fear,” he added. 

She continued to look at him with that stern expression for a full minute before turning to Anne.  “Where is your husband?”

“Speaking with Darcy.” 

She huffed. “He should be here.  I feel a need for Mr. Ralston to take me for a turn around the garden, but we cannot leave you unattended.” 

“I will be required to claim my partner as soon as this set is finished.”

“Then sit here,” Lady Margaret demanded, motioning to the chair next to her with her head. 

Jack remained where he was until she lifted a brow and scowled.  Then, with a sigh, he acquiesced and sat. 

“I like that you do not bow to my every whim,” she began, “but know that there is a limit Mr. Ralston.” 

“I will make note of that,” he replied. 

“You do not wish to marry Miss Parkes?” she asked. 

He shook his head.

“And my granddaughter?”

Jack drew and released a breath.

“I will take that as an affirmative.”

Jack nodded. 

“Then why have you not called?” 

Jack looked around her to Anne. “That is per your other granddaughter’s suggestion.” 

Lady Margaret looked at Anne in surprise.

“He is not following the plan as I suggested,” Anne muttered behind her fan. 

“Someone needs to explain to me why I must spend my few remaining days fretting that my youngest granddaughter will marry that…” she clamped her lips closed, lifted her chin, and said, “Mr. Tibbett.”

“If you call on me tomorrow, I can explain,” Anne assured her. 

“I would rather be at Darcy House entertaining Mr. Ralston.”  She shook her head. “She has not told me a thing, but she is not happy.”

Jack held up his hands in a plea of innocence as she skewered him with a most severe look.

“Please tell me you are at least going to dance with her?” Lady Margaret whispered as the music faded to a close.

“The next set,” he said with a smile.  He rose and straightened his jacket.  “I will make my way across to where she is standing with her brother and his wife if that is acceptable to you ladies.”


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  1. The music selection was delightful. It soothed my nerves and then your excerpt revved them up again. Wow! I am now excited to see this launched. Anne is quite the spit-fire… who knew? I take it this is our former Anne de Bourgh? What has gotten into her and what is this plan of hers for Georgiana?

    1. That’s why this song is on the writing playlist! 🙂 I need music to calm my nerves/thoughts and help me focus. This Anne is the one from Unravelling Mr. Darcy who told him to marry Elizabeth and the one from Becoming Entangled who plotted to elope to avoid her mother’s desires to see her marry Darcy. She is indeed a spit-fire who is done being quiet and is taking charge of her own life and meddling in the lives of others such as Georgiana (she is Lady Catherine’s daughter after all, just with a twist 😉 )

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