Music Monday: Saint-Saëns ~ The Swan

I’m sharing two stumbled upon videos today — one is a music video and the other is a talk about music. I know you may not have time for both videos, so go ahead and listen to the music video as you read my writing news and the story excerpt. Then, when you have time (about 21 minutes of time) come back and listen to the second video. The speaker has some very good points that he presents in an entertaining fashion.

Brooklyn Duo. “Saint-Saëns: The Swan (Cello and Piano) – Brooklyn Duo.” YouTube, YouTube, 29 May 2015.
TEDtalksDirector. “The Transformative Power of Classical Music | Benjamin Zander.”YouTube, YouTube, 27 June 2008.

I feel like I have a lot of “disjointed” material to cover today, so I think I will use sections and headers instead of attempting to make to flow together cohesively. Up first…


Let me tell you how I came upon the first video since that is one that has been added to my Music to Write By Playlist.  I went out with a friend this week. We did some shopping and had lunch.  One of the places we stopped at was a thrift store. I always peruse the CD rack when I go into thrift shops. I have found lots of good music that way.  This time was no exception. I came out with five CDs — four for when I am writing and one for my husband — and they only cost me $2.50 total! (I know, that’s a great bargain!)

One of those CDs is called “Provence: A Romantic Journey” which is comprised of fifteen French classical pieces of music.  The first song on that CD is the one in today’s music video.

(By the way for those who do listen to the second video, which was a YouTube suggestion to me this week, track 5 on my CD is the piano piece he plays in the video.)


Writing News

I had a good writing week this last week. I did not get as many words written as I wanted to. However, I did get a good number of words added to Dash of Darcy #4 (which has a title now…see below), and I managed to get half way through final edits for Henry: To Prove Himself Worthy.  I call that a good productive week!

August is scheduled to be a busy month of Tuesdays for me.  It started with the release of His Beautiful Bea and an Austen Authors post last Tuesday and will continue with a couple of book sales, a Facebook Austen in August Garden Party (August 15th from 3 PM ET to 5 PM ET), and a book release on August 22nd before finishing up with another Austen Authors post on August 29th.

The first book sale will be this Tuesday. It will be a TWO-DAY Kindle sale (or just about a two-day sale as it does take a bit of time before and after to get prices adjusted). Watch for details about this sale on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as in your inbox if you are on my mailing list.

And now…

A STORY EXCERPT FROM Unravelling Mr. Darcy:  





Elizabeth was unable to finish her thought as a commotion caught both her and her cousin’s attention.  Neither was to be left wondering about its source for any great amount of time for within moments the clamor had entered the sitting room for if there was one thing that was emphatically true about Elizabeth’s mother, it was that Mrs. Bennet was not the sort of lady to be ignored ─ ever ─ even when it would be most acceptable to be overlooked. 

“Mama,” cried Jane rising from where she sat near the window.  “Whatever brings you to town?  Is Papa with you?” 

Mrs. Bennet finished removing her hat and pelisse.  “Your father insisted on seeing your uncle at his store.”  She waved a hand at the maid who stood, arms laden with outerwear.  “My parcel.”  She turned back toward her daughters. “I found the most beautiful lace. It will be just the thing on your wedding dress, Jane.”  She waved her hand again in the poor maid’s direction but this time added an impatient huff. 

“Mama,” Jane chided, “I do not have need of a wedding dress.” 

“Oh, but you will.”  Mrs. Bennet was busily untying the string that held the wrapping around the package the maid had given to her before scurrying away to deposit Mrs. Bennet’s hat and coat in a room at the top of the stairs where trunks were being carried from the sounds of the directions being given in the hall outside the still open sitting room door. 

“When your uncle wrote to your father that the elusive Mr. Bingley had finally called on you, I knew that you would be betrothed before you returned to Longbourn.” She proudly displayed the lace she had procured at their uncle’s shop. “Is it not fabulous?”  She draped it over her arm as she took a seat. “And I told your father that we must thank Mr. Darcy for helping Mr. Bingley find you.  How he did not know your whereabouts is beyond me. It is not as if his sisters did not call on you here.  However, it is good that Mr. Darcy knew where to find you.” 

Mrs. Gardiner took the lace from Mrs. Bennet and after an appropriate exclamation over the fineness of the piece, passed it on to Jane and rang for tea.  “You will likely have your opportunity to thank him soon since he and Mr. Bingley will be arriving soon.” 

Mrs. Bennet’s eyes grew wide, and she blinked.  “Does Mr. Darcy still accompany Mr. Bingley?” 

Mrs. Gardiner laughed.  “No, Mr. Darcy has never accompanied Mr. Bingley, but Mr. Bingley always accompanies Mr. Darcy when he calls.” 

The room fell into silence for a time while Mrs. Bennet’s mouth hung open and her brows furrowed.  Finally, she snapped her mouth shut and then with a deep crease still between her brows, turned to Jane.  “I do not understand.  Are both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley calling on you?  Mr. Darcy is wealthier, to be sure, but Mr. Bingley is so much more amiable.  Can you not dissuade Mr. Darcy?” 

Elizabeth sighed.  Sense was not something her mother possessed in large amounts.  “He is calling on me, Mama,” Elizabeth said. “Mr. Darcy is calling on me, and I have no wish to dissuade him.” 

Her mother once again gaped and blinked wide eyes. “You? Mr. Darcy, who thought you unattractive, is calling on you?”  She shook her head.  “No, it cannot be.” 

“I assure you it is the truth,” said Mrs. Gardiner. “And I dare say he does not find our Lizzy unattractive any longer ─ if he truly ever did. Did you not read the full letter my husband sent to yours?” 

Mrs. Bennet shook her head. “I did not read a word. Thomas read it to me, and it said that Mr. Bingley with his friend Mr. Darcy had called on Jane and that apparently Mr. Bingley did not know Jane was in town until his friend told him.”

“And you did not hear the rest?”  Mrs. Gardiner asked though the whole room knew that Fanny Bennet rarely listened to a full letter if there was a fascinating bit of information that caught her attention before the complete missive could be read. 

“I do not recall anything further,” Mrs. Bennet answered.  She flopped back in her chair.  “My Lizzy and Mr. Darcy,” she muttered as if the idea was as odd as chickens that flew. 

Mrs. Gardiner nodded and smiled.  “Yes, our Lizzy and Mr. Darcy.  In fact, it is likely from my observations that Mr. Darcy might offer before Mr. Bingley does.”  She sent a secret smile to Elizabeth, who had told her dearest aunt about the last evening she had spent with Mr. Darcy in Kent. 

Mrs. Bennet’s hand began to flutter in front of her face.  “I might need a bit of a lie-down,” she murmured before repeating,  “my Lizzy and Mr. Darcy.”

“Are you certain you cannot endure long enough to have a cup of tea and a little conversation with your future sons?” 

Elizabeth shook her head when her aunt looked her direction.  It would be so much better if her mother could be shuffled off to bed, and Darcy could be prepared in advance for the arrival of her mother.  Her heart fluttered and her stomach quivered. She knew his sentiments regarding her family, and though she knew that he had overcome them once to offer for her, he had done so while not in the presence of her mother. 

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