Music Monday: Turn Around, Look at Me, The Vogues

Today’s musical selection is a song that a reader suggested would go very well with His Beautiful Bea.  Of course, as soon as she mentioned it in a comment on, I had to go on a YouTube search for it.  I found several versions of the song.  And you know what?  Carmalee was so right! This song is perfect for Graeme, absolutely perfect!  After listening to several of the versions, I settled on this video because I liked both the sound quality and the pictures. 🙂

MsDarlin45. “The Vogues – Turn Around Look at Me.” YouTube. YouTube, 26 Aug. 2012. Web. 29 July 2017.

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It is my day at, so there will be an excerpt — from the card playing scene for those who have been fortunate enough to read the book — and a giveaway as well as an explanation of what the Touches of Austen books are.

If you’ve been following my blog or have subscribed to my newsletter, you are very familiar with what a Touches of Austen book is. However; not everyone is. So, I will be explaining my take on Austenesque as it pertains to this collection of stories.

Hopefully, there will be those readers who will be daring enough to try something new from me and come to love Graeme and Bea as much as I do.  🙂

Getting everything ready for the print version of my release and making certain all the preorder things were in place took a good bit of time this week, but I still managed to learn some new stuff (Photoshop related), and I didn’t have to miss my writing time to do it!

I am about 10K shy of having the first draft of Dash of Darcy #4 done. (No, still no title — I need to see if the idea behind the working title still holds true when I reach the end before I commit to it.)

Dash of Darcy #4 is shaping up to be a fun tale with some commotion and upsets but nothing “dire” or “grave” or “life threateningly dramatic.” However, though these disturbances are more amusing than angst-inducing, they still do their work to draw out a different side of Darcy and to show him to Elizabeth as a man she can and does love.

(Side note: The story starts at the conclusion of that horrid proposal and refusal, so I think, ODC started out at the worst point in their story. And to me, when I consider the purpose of the story, there seems to be no need to delve deeper into drama. I believe the results can be achieved through lighter events.)

Below is a scene from this week’s writing that I think shows a bit of how Darcy is changing.

EXCERPT from Dash of Darcy #4:

Elizabeth placed her hand on Darcy’s arm and allowed him to escort her from their supper box and toward one of the numerous paths in Vauxhall Gardens.  The vast number of people that filled the supper boxes and paths was astonishing, and then when the torches were lit and the orchestra was playing while waiters scurried back and forth making certain that all in attendance were happy, it was nearly overwhelming.  She had heard stories of this place, but until now, she had never truly imagined its grandeur. 

Darcy drew Elizabeth closer to his side as they strolled.  “Are you enjoying yourself?”


Darcy smiled at how the word was more breathed than spoken.  “I had wondered. You have been rather quiet.” 

She looked up at him. “I am awestruck by my surroundings. There is nothing quite like this in Hertfordshire.” 

He chuckled.  “Most assuredly,” he agreed. 

“I am surprised you would venture into this vast sea of humanity,” she teased.  “Our little assembly with its gathered throng was a great trial to you.” 

He saw her lips twitch, and he waited for her to complete her tease before he would refute her.

“Perhaps,” she said, cocking a brow in a rather beguiling impertinent fashion, “that is because the residents in the country are unwashed savages.”

“Oh, indeed they are,” he replied with a smile. “I have it on the greatest authority.”

Her eyes grew wide.  “Do tell,” she prompted. 

He leaned his head near her ear and whispered, “Miss Bingley.” 

Elizabeth laughed. 

“I assure you it is true because her sister verified the fact and some rude man lent his voice to the assessment if I am not mistaken.”  He bent toward her ear once again.  “You will forgive me for such ungentlemanly behaviour, will you not? I am attempting to improve my ways.”

There was such contrition in his whispered words that she gave his arm a small squeeze and readily bestowed her pardon.  Mr. Darcy had over the last four days been the perfect gentleman.  Both her aunt and uncle had been duly impressed by his manners. According to Aunt Gardener, there was nothing of grandeur about him, save for the way he carried himself when walking, but it was not deemed arrogant but rather dignified. Aunt Gardiner had spoken at some length of how of anyone she had met, Mr. Darcy was justified in thinking of himself in lofty ideals since she had seen his estate and knew many of his tenants.  The man was of no small fortune, and he was, to her knowledge, always just in his dealing with tradesmen in Lambton.  Bills were not left unpaid, and even lowly delivery boys were given a nod when he saw that they were doing their work well. 

Elizabeth had heard enough arguments in Darcy’s favour to settle her more firmly in her new belief of his being among the best of men. Then, having observed him in her uncle’s home as well as when she and Jane had gone to Darcy House to have tea with his great-aunt and Georgiana, she was beyond convinced of her correctness in viewing him in such a light.  So convinced was she of his noble character that she allowed her heart to be open to his declaration to her, and though it was not yet a week since that horrid evening in the parsonage, she found herself quite certain that should he offer for her again, she would accept with alacrity for her heart spoke of love though her mind had yet to fully comprehend it.

Darcy stopped to greet an acquaintance and introduced Elizabeth to them as well as Bingley and Jane who followed close behind. 

“I say, Darcy,” said Bingley before they began walking again, “it will likely be noted in the paper that you were seen in Vauxhall with a lady on your arm.”  

Darcy shrugged.  “They had best describe her as beautiful,” he said with a grin. 

Bingley chortled.  “I seem to have misplaced my friend whose greatest desire was to shun all of society.” 

“He is not misplaced.” Darcy raised a brow at Bingley. “He has, it seems, found his good sense in a rather forceful fashion.”

Bingley chuckled.  “Yes, I dare say your appearance will also  make the society page.” 

“Have you no pity for him at all?” Elizabeth asked in feigned disbelief. 

“Not a jot,” Bingley declared. 

“Men are such strange creatures,” Elizabeth stated with a laugh. 

“It is a far better thing we do in settling our disagreements than what I have witnessed between my sisters,” Bingley defended.  “There would be days of tears and tantrums.  It is a wonder the door to Caroline’s room never fell off its hinges.” 

“I agree,” said Jane. “I would rather have Lydia and Kitty hit each other and be done.” 

“Jane!” Elizabeth cried.  “How violent of you! I do believe your sojourn in town has corrupted you.” 

Darcy watched in amusement as Jane’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly and her lips pursed while Elizabeth’s twitched in an attempt not to smile. 

“I believe it would be far better for you to remain in the country where such savagery is little known,”  Elizabeth continued.

“Little known?” exclaimed Jane.  “How many times was the surgeon called to the Lucas’s to stitch up one or the other of Charlotte’s brothers after some fight?”

“And yet you would have him called to  Longbourn to stitch up Kitty?” Elizabeth could not contain her smile any longer and let it spread across her face.

“Kitty?” Darcy asked in surprise.

“Oh, yes,” Jane assured him.  “If Lydia and Kitty were to fight ─ and I assure you they have ─ it would not be Kitty who would be victorious.  Lydia, as you may well be aware, is a very determined sort of person.” 

Darcy chuckled.  “I must be honest. I never thought much about what it would be like to live among so many sisters.  It is very different from what my life was like.” 

“Two sisters is more than enough,” agreed Bingley. “I likely would not have survived if there had been more than Louisa and Caroline with whom to contend.” 

“Since your sister is much younger than you,” Jane said to Darcy, “was your childhood quiet?”

Darcy shook his head.  “At times it was, but Richard and his brother often visited and then there was Mr. Wickham.”  He flinched slightly as he said the name.  “He was not always bad,” he added softly.  “At one time we rather enjoyed each other’s company until differences in station were not as easily ignored.”

Jane sighed.  Darcy had given Elizabeth permission to share what she knew of Wickham with her sister. 

“So you were betrayed by a friend?” Jane’s question was little more than a whisper.

Darcy nodded.  “Although it was not my first disappointment in him.”

“You know,” said Bingley in a light tone, “when your name appears in the paper tomorrow, my sister will be unbearable.” 

Darcy gave Bingley a grateful smile for turning the conversation.  He did not wish to dwell on who Wickham had been or now was.  The memories were not of a pleasant variety, and tonight, was to be an enjoyable outing.

“Might I take up a room at Darcy House?”  Bingley continued. 

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  1. Many thanks for the excerpt from Dash of Darcy. I am really looking forward to this one. I enjoy this light hearted version of Darcy.

  2. I love all of your stories and this one sounds like it will be delightful. He certainly must have put an effort into showing his better nature if only a week has passed since his awful proposal, yet Elizabeth is already realizing her heart is engaged. *sigh* I just love seeing those two in love.

    1. Well, he was given a second chance immediately following her refusal, so there is no way he is going to waste the opportunity! And he had his behaviour confirmed as being somewhat arrogant by his cousin. So, I thought, what if Darcy decided to change his ways? I think he’s smart enough and personable enough to do so (at least amongst those he loves and feels comfortable with) — and I don’t think he would dally LOL

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