When Artist and Author Collide

A Doodle and a Found Poem

What do I get when I cross one artist with one novel? Well, when that artist is my friend and that book is my favourite novel, I get a treasured piece of artwork.  Add to that the reason for this particular piece being created “for me”…and it truly is a gift beyond value.

I started writing and sharing my work online earlier this year.  Writing was the easy part.  Sharing was daunting.  I needed encouragement, and got it in spades from my friend, Kathleen.  She understood that writing was something that I needed to do. It made me happy.

“A Doodle and a Found Poem,” the piece that she created for me says

“She then sought

the fairest way for happiness.”

For me, that way includes writing and sharing.  For Kathleen, that way includes art.  She has also started to share her work publicly.  You can connect with her and find her work, like the pieces below, on her Facebook page and her blog.


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