Wordless Wednesday: Candorosa, de Koppay

Candorosa, de Koppay
Jószef Arpád Koppay [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Leenie Brown

Leenie Brown fell in love with Jane Austen's works when she first read Sense and Sensibility followed immediately by Pride and Prejudice in her early teens. As the second of five daughters and an avid reader, she has always loved to see where her imagination takes her and to play with and write about the characters she meets along the way. In 2013, these two loves collided when she stumbled upon the world of Jane Austen Fan Fiction. A year later, in 2014, she began writing her own Austen-inspired stories and began publishing them in 2015. Leenie lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her two teenage boys and her very own Mr. Brown (a wonderful mix of all the best of Darcy, Bingley and Edmund with healthy dose of the teasing Mr. Tillney and just a dash of the scolding Mr. Knightley).

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Candorosa, de Koppay”

    1. I have been stretched to the limit this week trying to get everything done and just now (10 pm here) got tomorrow’s thousand or so words written and posted. I admit that, at one point tonight, I nearly gave up, but I know you (and others) would be disappointed if I did, so I kept going. 🙂 You guys are great motivation to keep writing! Thanks. Sometimes, I need that push.

      Oh, and I think this might be how our Lydia looks in this story…and I think I have come up with an interesting “fate” for her. I hope it works.

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