Music Monday: A Traditional Christmas, Brian Crain

So this week, in addition to writing (short excerpt below), I have been getting things ready for the publication of A Very Mary Christmas (info below).  I figured that while working on a seasonal story, I should be listening to some lovely seasonal piano music, so this playlist has been playing repeatedly in my office.  

First let me tell you about the progress I have made on A Very Mary Christmas. The ebook format is now available for preorder at Amazon, Kobo, and iBooks, and I expect Nook to be available soon.  I am currently working on getting the print book files ready and submitted so that a proof copy can be ordered.  If all goes well, both print and ebook copies of this book will be available to be read on December 20, 2016.  Below is a short description of the novella and a link to a preview.

A Very Mary Christmas

Find this book at your favourite store. A sequel to Waking to Mr. Darcy

Mary Bennet is planning an escape. Nicholas Hammond is planning his future. But their destiny? Well, that rests in the hands of schemers.


Now, for a little excerpt of what I have been writing this week. I am still working on the fourth Willow Hall Romance book — no, it is still not titled. 🙂 However, despite the lack of title, I will begin posting pieces of it in Thursday’s Three Hundred this week.  It will be several weeks before we get to this particular bit of story.

EXCERPT FROM Willow Hall Romance, Book 4

Caroline cocked her head and patted her brother’s arm before stepping around him.  “Mr. Darcy, it is good to see you.” 

Bingley closed his eyes and shook his head.  Of all the unfortunate times for Darcy to appear! Two minutes longer, and Caroline would have been gone.

“We are on our way to ____,” Caroline explained in her sweetest voice, “and since Pemberley was on our way, we could not resist the opportunity to call and wish you joy.”  

“Indeed?” Darcy’s eyes looked to Bingley in question.  “I had it from your brother that you would not be visiting.” 

Caroline laughed lightly and shot her brother a triumphant smile.  “It was not planned. We only wished to stop for a few minutes before continuing on to the inn in Lambton for the night.  We are expected at __ tomorrow, you see.”  She looked about as if expecting to see someone. “Would we be so fortunate as to see Miss Eliza and Miss Darcy?” 

Bingley shook his head when Darcy looked his direction. 

Darcy gave a small incline, barely a tip, of his head in acceptance of Bingley’s unspoken suggestion. “They are occupied at the moment. Miss Bennet felt a headache developing and Miss Elizabeth and Georgiana are seeing to her needs.” 

“Miss Bennet?  Miss Jane Bennet?”  Caroline cast a concerned look toward Bingley.

“Yes, she is visiting the area along with her aunt and uncle Gardiner. It seems my tenants at Willow Hall are related to the Gardiners.” 

“Oh,” said Caroline, “how fortunate.” 

Bingley smiled at the disappointed tone in her voice. 

“Indeed, it was most fortunate.  I had not thought to see Miss Elizabeth again so soon after leaving her in Kent this spring.”  Darcy cut a glance toward Bingley and, catching his eye, winked at him and flicked a brow up quickly. 

“In Kent?” Caroline could not contain her surprise at this bit of information.

“Yes, her cousin is my aunt’s parson,” Darcy replied.  “I believe you met Mr. Collins, did you not?”

Caroline nodded. 

“He married Miss Lucas. You remember her, do you not?” 

Again Caroline nodded. 

“Elizabeth and Mrs. Collins are good friends, so it was only natural that a visit must take place.  Happily, it was the same time my cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and I were visiting my aunt, Lady Catherine.” 

“How fortunate,” muttered Caroline.          

“My cousin is here now.  We are gathered in the garden. Perhaps a stroll before you are on your way would be beneficial?”  He motioned to the side of the house. 

Bingley breathed a sigh of relief.  Darcy was not going to play the gallant and insist on Caroline and the Hursts staying at Pemberley.  Bingley would have to thank him for that later. 

“That would be lovely,” said Louisa, “I have always enjoyed the grounds here. They are so well designed.” 


More in the Willow Hall Romance Series

Find this book at your favourite store.

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Click cover image to find this book in your favorite store.


The Tenant's Guest (1)

A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella ~ Willow Hall Romance, Book 2

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So Very UnexpectedA Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella, Willow Hall Romance Book 3

Lydia Bennet only meant to surprise her sisters and enjoy some fun. She thought she had planned well enough to avoid any disagreeable consequence, but she did not. However, when plans go awry, the results, much like the lady who made the plan, can be very unexpected.

Publication of this book is expected to be February 2017.

Published by

Leenie Brown

Leenie Brown fell in love with Jane Austen's works when she first read Sense and Sensibility followed immediately by Pride and Prejudice in her early teens. As the second of five daughters and an avid reader, she has always loved to see where her imagination takes her and to play with and write about the characters she meets along the way. In 2013, these two loves collided when she stumbled upon the world of Jane Austen Fan Fiction. A year later, in 2014, she began writing her own Austen-inspired stories and began publishing them in 2015. Leenie lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her two teenage boys and her very own Mr. Brown (a wonderful mix of all the best of Darcy, Bingley and Edmund with healthy dose of the teasing Mr. Tillney and just a dash of the scolding Mr. Knightley).

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  1. I really enjoyed listening to your playlist: so much that I am going to buy some of his music to listen to. It is quite lovely and perfect for the times that vocals would be an intrusion. I am really learning a lot from Music Mondays and Wordless Wednesdays, and find them very enjoyable. Of course it goes without saying that your writing is wonderful, but I will say it anyway. I love Mary’s story very much. The next time I read it, I will have some lovely music playing in the background. 🙂

    1. That is awesome! I love having instrumental music on when I am trying to think — words get in the way at those times. 🙂 I am glad to know that you are enjoying the Monday and Wednesday posts. I sometimes wonder about if anyone besides me is enjoying them, so thanks for letting me know! And I am thrilled that you loved Mary’s story! I have a soft spot for JA’s secondary characters. 🙂

      1. I agree that music helps us focus and sort things through. I do remember that in high school I could only do algebra homework with the Top Twenty in the background. The odd part was that I could do it perfectly well without music since we didn’t have any music playing during exams! I guess I just needed something to help me focus at home. Now I would be more likely to listen to classical music or instrumentals. What I like so much about Monday and Wednesday is that you put so much thought and effort in to what you choose, and it gives us something new to think about and explore. My husband used to paint before he was ill, so I really appreciate the art posts, and for myself, I like the music because it takes me out of myself and what is going on, when it’s a bad day.

        1. I used to play instrumental music during classes and even during some tests. It did help them focus, and it took the edge off the silence that can be difficult on some with of the more anxious students. I do take time on those posts, and I am happy to hear it is appreciated. 🙂 Thank you.

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