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“All This Time // Fanny & Edmund (Mansfield Park).” Video created for and uploaded to Youtube by Cornishbluepixie. 19 May 2012.


First, for those who don’t know, this movie and the novel on which it is based are some of my favourites…way up at the top of the list!  And I must say that the song the creator of this video chose is perfect! Well done, Cornishbluepixie! 🙂

Now on to my small sample from this past week’s writing. I am in a very busy time of year right now…end of quarter, yearbook final deadline, marking, grades, photos needed, pages to complete…aaaaaah! It is overwhelming at times, and it has taken a toll on my writing time. I think I only managed two short writing times this week.  So the selection from which to pick an excerpt was limited, and I thought I might not even have an excerpt, but then I remembered this video and knew the idea of the song goes well with the premise of my story.

Anne refused Mr. Madoch six years ago, but he has never wasted his time or words on another.  He wants her and no other. Below is a conversation that Lord Brownlow, Lord Rycroft, Jonathan Lester, and Alex Madoch had one rainy afternoon (see last week’s excerpt) in the sitting room at Lord Brownlow’s home.

EXCERPT FROM Her Heart’s Choice: 

“I find it difficult to believe that you would do anything in haste.”  Rycroft directed the statement to Alex.  “You seem more the calm and calculating sort.”

Jonathan snorted.  “To a point,” he agreed, “but pass that point and all bets are off, gentleman.  He would cut ties with his mother if she crossed him.”

“I would not,” Alex retorted.

“She would not cause you to ever have need to prove me right,” replied Jonathan.

“I say, you have a very different relationship,” said Rycroft, once again looking at the two men with some interest.

“We are nearly brothers,” said Alex, “or should I say Lester is more a brother to me than mine ever was.”

“Well, we share a common interest,” said Jonathan, “your brother knows nothing of horses and sees your pursuit of them as only a waste of legal training.”

Alex nodded thoughtfully.  “True.  Neither he nor father was pleased when upon my graduation I refused to take up my robes and instead took a position with my uncle.”  He placed his cup on the table.  From the looks of interest on the faces of their companions, he felt his relationship with Jonathan needed some explanation.  “I clerked for a year after my graduation. As was my custom in any area where I found myself, I learned who had the best horses and grooms.  One of those grooms happened to have a son who was more keen to learn accounting and bookwork than how to mend a harness. I traded what I knew of the subjects for the opportunity to learn to mend a harness.”

“He knew how to mend a harness.”  Jonathan’s mouth was once again full of pastry.

Alex shrugged.  “True, but your father knew things that I did not, and I wanted him to share them with me.” He turned toward Rycroft.  “He is, in my opinion, one of the best grooms I have met.”  He smiled. “Tucked away in the country serving a country squire and happy as any man could ever be.”

“And it kept him from having to attend many social functions.” Alex chuckled.

Alex chuckled.  “I only had to attend one assembly and two or three card parties during the entirety of my term.  It annoyed my employers wife to no end, which pleased him quite well. Of course, I used the opportunity to meet the gentlemen of the area.” He pursed his lips and thought for a moment.  “I think I managed to only be required to partner one or two young ladies for a dance.  They were lovely, but my heart was not available and my plans were not to be fulfilled through courting.”

“Ah, see I was right!” said Rycroft.  “Cool and calculating.”

“Driven,” mutter Jonathan.

“I find it admirable,” said Brownlow.  “I wish I had thought of pursuing the breeding and sale of cattle as a means to avoid social events.”

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