Music Monday: Amy Vachal “Bye, Bye, Bye”

NBCTheVoice. “The Voice 2015 Amy Vachal – Top 10: Bye Bye Bye”YouTube. YouTube, 30 Nov. 2015.


So this is a different take on this song, isn’t it?

I heard this version on the Voice last season and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The less upbeat tone of the reworked song goes very well, I think, with what I have been writing this week.  Anne  has had to say bye-bye to a suitor that she had been considering fairly seriously as a likely marriage candidate.  He was a wealthy, titled, and handsome man, who she found interesting, but who proved to be not quite as proper a gentleman as she had supposed him to be.  She is discovering that finding a husband is difficult and that, perhaps, her beliefs of what will make a proper match are entirely wrong.

EXCERPT FROM Her Heart’s Choice: 

Lady Sophia patted Anne’s knee.  “Just so.  Your heart is a very good guide if you will listen to it carefully.  It is not above being tricked, but there will often be that little worry, hanging at the back of your mind when your heart desires something it should not.  Let it guide you, and then ask for advice.  I will always tell you the truth, you know that, don’t you?”

Anne nodded. The two of them sat there silently watching the movement on the street until a tray containing two small glasses of sherry and a few biscuits arrived.

“Marrying for love alone is not enough,” said Anne as she took a sip of her sherry and wrinkled her nose.  It was not her favourite drink.

“And I believe, unlike your mother or Lady Matlock, marrying for position alone is also not enough,” replied her aunt.  “Matrimony is a tricky business.”

“It is indeed,” agreed Anne. She ate a biscuit in silence and finished her drink.  “Marriage is not for everyone.”  She sighed.  “I had not wished to always live in my mother’s house. I had hoped to have a home of my own to run, but perhaps it is not to be.  Perhaps I should return to Rosings and find some work to occupy my time.”

Lady Sophia placed her empty glass on the tray and then crossed to Anne and kissed her forehead.  “You need a rest. I do not believe you are destined to remain unwed.”  She cupped her niece’s chin and lifted it so that Anne looked up at her.  “Let your heart chose,” she said softly.  “Promise me you will give it a bit more time before returning to Rosings?  I should miss you dearly if you left too soon.”

Anne could not help but smile.  “I will not return to Rosings until after I have visited Hertfordshire and have shared in the celebration of my cousin Richard’s wedding. However, if I have not found a prospect by then, I shall go home with my mother.”

Lady Sophia kissed her on the forehead once again.  “You are not giving me very long to help you, but I will do my best.”  She turned to leave.  “Do you wish to sort the papers from today’s visit after your rest?”

“Have them placed in my sitting room,” she replied.

“Very well.  I shall see you at dinner?”  There was a slight lift of uncertainty in her voice.

“You will,” Anne assured.

“Rest well.”  Sophia closed the door softly.

Anne climbed onto her bed.  She knew it would be more comfortable to undress, but she did not wish to call for her maid.  She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath of the peaceful, silent air and released it slowly and repeated until finally, her mind drifted away from the worries of the day and into the land of dreams.


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