Music Monday: Beautiful Romantic Music (101), Peder B. Helland

Soothing Relaxation. “Beautiful Romantic Music: Relaxing Music, Piano Music, Violin Music, Guitar Music, Cello Music ★101.” YouTube. YouTube, 07 Nov. 2016. Web. 03 Dec. 2016.

It is that time of year when I start to re-evaluate everything and decide if I wish to keep doing things as I have or make changes.  I am in the process of contemplating my posts here on this website, starting with the first post of the week — Music Monday.  In the past, I have often had a song that connected directly to a story because I often find inspiration in music — be it the lyrics or the emotions the melody evokes.  That has  not changed. I still find music very inspiring, and when I write, there is almost always some sort of music playing in the background.  So, I am still planning to share music on Mondays for now, but these posts will not always have a direct connection to the story on which I am working. They will rather be pieces that I have found inspiring and have had playing as I work — which is exactly what this week’s selection is. This week, I have been listening to this particular piece of music (in a shorter version, which I purchased on along with several other tracks by this composer.

And what have I been working on as this music plays?  Well, I am attempting to get a good portion of the new Thursday’s Three Hundred story sorted out. Another week of writing, and I think I should have it well underway and be able to tell if everything is working together as it should for the story.  So, do I post a small excerpt from that story here on Monday as I have all the other times when doing a music/story connection post?  Sure. Why not?

Remember, this story is under construction and an excerpt here may or may not show up in the version that gets posted later…although I am working very diligently to make sure that I am only writing useable material. 🙂

This small piece is from a section where Bingley has had a rough day and is drowning his sorrows. It is also the beginning of a planning session by a rather sloshed Bingley and a slightly tipsy Colonel Fitzwilliam about what might be the best tactic to use if Bingley wishes to get Jane to accept him. 🙂

A Story Excerpt from Willow Hall, Book 4 (I’m still working on choosing a title 😉 ):

“What has you looking as if you ate a piece of bad fish?” asked Richard, taking a seat in Pemberley’s game room next to Bingley. 

Bingley shrugged and gulped the last of his drink.  “You did not stay at Matlock?”

Richard sighed and scrubbed his face with his hands.  “My sister is the center of a house party, and although her friends seem to enjoy my company, I do not enjoy theirs.  The last of the guest should leave by week’s end. I shall visit for a longer period of time after that.  As it was, yesterday and this morning was long enough for my mother to begin speaking of my marrying.” 

“It is a sad lot for us men,” muttered Bingley.

“Marriage?” Richard unbuttoned his waistcoat. 

Bingley’s head bobbed up and down slowly.  “I suppose it is not only a sad business for men.” He rose on shaky legs to refill his glass.  “It is only a happy business if you can persuade the lady you love to accept you, but if you cannot.”  He made a slashing motion in front of his throat.  “All the pleasures of life are at an end, for there is little joy in a marriage of convenience.” Port sloshed back and forth nearly spilling over the rim of the glass that Bingley handed to Richard.  “You have seen it. I have seen it.  All those sad men drinking and gambling in the clubs or trotting off in closed carriages and entertaining who knows what disease in an attempt to feel some joy.” He huffed and shook his head.  “It never works.  Have you ever met one that was happy?”  He sloshed another glass of port to the table next to his chair before taking a seat.  “And the ladies — not any happier.  It’s a sorry business marriage is.”  He heaved a great sigh and rested his head against the back of the chair.  “And yet, we must do our duty.” 

As he drank, Richard studied Bingley. “Miss Bennet is still not warming to your presence?” 

Bingley scowled and huffed.  “As warm as a pond in January.”  He turned angry eyes toward Richard. “Not that you would know, she is all that is pleasant around you and that blasted Harris.” 

“I have only meant to be civil,” retorted Richard. 

Bingley grunted. 

“Harris, however, seems enamoured,” Richard admitted, “although, I do not see Miss Bennet returning his affections in equal measure.” 

Bingley laughed bitterly.  “Yes, but that does not mean they are not returned.”  He shook his head.  Why had he listened to his sister and Darcy.  He had been nearly certain Jane favoured him.  He sighed.  That was why he had listened.  He had been nearly but not completely certain, and he had been wrong before.  “What of your prospects for marriage? Besides the debutantes at your parent’s estate that is. Any who might settle for an almost gentleman such as myself?”

“I admit to having no particular prospects in mind,” said Richard, rising to refill his glass.  “My lot is not all that much rosier than yours.  I am a second son, after all.” 

“Of an earl,” Bingley scoffed. “That alone makes you valuable.  Your brother could die.” 

“A pleasant thought,” Richard said dryly.  “I have no desire to claim the title.” 

“Your inheritance cannot be nothing,” said Bingley.  “What will you have on the completion of your career? A small estate? A piece of land?” 

“Aye,” said Richard. “A small estate. Are you not going to purchase an estate?” 

Bingley shrugged. “Perhaps, once Caroline is married, so I can guarantee it is not too close to her.”  He held his glass a few inches from his lips. “She has twenty thousand pounds you know.” 

“I have met her, Bingley, and as much as I like you, I do not wish to be tied you by marrying her.” 


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