Music Monday: Brian Crain – Song of the Heart

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I spent a lot of time this last week listening to instrumental music and to Brian Crain songs in particular.  They just hit the quiet, relaxed, you-can-get-through-this-editing spot, and so I have chosen one of his songs for this Music Monday post.

I have gotten my story back from my first reader and have comments and corrections to make (hence the need for editing music), but I should have the story off to the next reader this week, which means I am still on track for publication on the 20th. However, I ended up sick this week, so posting of the story has not yet happened on  I hope to be able to start this Saturday.

Spoiler alert:  This excerpt is from the resolution part of the plot structure.

Remember how last week’s excerpt showed a sad Colonel Fitzwilliam?  Well, some rather interesting stuff (which includes a fun first glimpse of Anne’s personality) has happened between that excerpt and this one and our couple is securely on their way to a happily ever after.

AN EXCERPT FROM His Inconvenient Choice:

Kitty waved to him through the window as he shut the carriage door; then, as the horses began their trek homeward, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She had done what she had determined she would do. Unfortunately, not all of her plans had ended successfully. She still needed to learn to keep some comments to herself. At least, the meeting with Lord Matlock had gone better than the one with Miss Bingley. She popped her head up. “Henriella, do you suppose Thomas would buy a paper for me?” She searched inside her reticule for the amount she would need.

Henriella knocked on the roof of the carriage and soon they had stopped and the door opened. “A paper for Miss Bennet,” she instructed as she handed the coins Kitty had found to Thomas.

Thomas stared at the money. “But there is not a paper to be purchased here.”

“Then, climb back up on the box and keep a close eye so that you might stop and purchase the first one you see.” There was a pleasantness to her tone, for she was never truly harsh with her brother.

“As you wish. Miss Bennet, it should not be long until I find a paper for you.”

“Thank you, Thomas. I wish to know why Lord Matlock asked if I had read the paper. I really must start reading it in the mornings. If I had, this gash might not be on my head and the world would stand still instead of wobbling about.”

Thomas closed the door, and they continued on their way for some distance before stopping once again.

“Did you find a paper?” Kitty asked as the door opened. “Oh,” she said when she realized that the man at the door was not Thomas but Richard. “I had need of a paper,” she explained. “Your father seemed to think it important that I read it.”

“Pardon me, Colonel, I should like to stretch my legs,” said Henriella as she moved to exit the carriage.  “I shall find Thomas, Miss.”

“Of course.” Richard helped her from the carriage.  Then, climbing in, he took a seat next to Kitty and closed the door, and with a tap on the roof, the carriage began moving.

“Oh, what of Henriella?” Kitty looked out the window in desperation.

“Darcy will see that she and Thomas are returned to the Gardiners.” He moved across to sit next to her. “Now, I know that you have been to see my father, and assume that you are in Mayfair to see Mr. Hurst?”

She shook her head slightly and grimaced. “I came to see Miss Bingley.” She closed her eyes and found herself gathered to him with her head pressed against his shoulder.

“I should like to know why, but I do not wish to tax you further. You must be exhausted.”

“I am, but if you allow me to rest my head here and speak with my eyes closed, I shall attempt an explanation.”

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