Music Monday: Henry and Catherine’s Love Story

Since I don’t have a story excerpt for you today, I thought I would share a music video about a story — one of my favourite Austen novels — Northanger Abbey to be precise.

Hype. “Henry & Catherine’s Love Story.” YouTube, YouTube, 15 May 2011,

I have a couple of confessions.

First, I have never seen this film adaptation. I’ve seen a rather odd version from the 80s but not this one.

Second, though I love the novel, I have not, in fact, read it.  🙂 I’ve only ever listened to it. 🙂 I do enjoy audiobooks at times. The narrator did a spectacular job allowing me to hear the sarcasm of the tale as I cleaned and got groceries. (I probably looked a bit silly laughing as I chose grocery items off the shelves in the store, but Mr. Tilney does know how to make a girl giggle. 😉 )

One of those ^ things I will have to, at some point, rectify — watching this film version of the novel. I am satisfied to have “read” the novel on audiobook (more than once).

Moving on from my lack of movie watching, I do not have a great deal of writing news to share, but I do have a bit.  I have finished the first draft of Enticing Miss Darcy and have posted it all on Patreon, and I have only a couple chapters to reread before sending it off to my first reader. Therefore, it appears, at the moment, that the tentative publication date of March 6, 2018 — only one month from now — is on track.

HOWEVER, there is that short story which I hope to add to the end of the book as a little extra info about a couple of side characters. That story is only just begun, and I must decide before I sit down to write tonight if I am going to go with a standard Leenie form of story or if I will put a bit of a different twist on it.  That is perhaps a bit cryptic, but unless you are one of my patrons, that’s as clear as it is getting until the story is published. (No matter how much I wish to share, I am determined to keep this one under wraps.)

I think that is all my news for this week. I will not have an excerpt next week either since I am writing that “secret” story, so I will share another story sort of video. Until then…

Have a great week!


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4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Henry and Catherine’s Love Story”

  1. I am rather a fan of Mr. Tilney, but Catherine drives me a bit mad at times. LOL I am so excited to Miss Darcy coming out. Have I mentioned I think I have a crush on Jack?

    1. No, I don’t think you have mentioned that. LOL That’s sweet. I always know when my sister is watching this movie because I invariably get a message “Catherine reminds me so much of you.” I tell you, you believe stories about swamp things and Dracula living in your grandparents’ basement or have nightmares about cartoon villains once and you’re labeled for life. 😀 (Of course, I actually believed those things and had nightmares more than once, so perhaps she is justified in her teasing about my imagination running amuck)

  2. I also am a fan of Mr. Tilney. And… I love J.J. Feild as Tilney in this movie adaption. Oh that scene with them in the garden as he declares himself… swoon. The last scene of the 80s version is pretty swoon worthy with Tilney on that horse. Man…

    1. I found Tilney in the 80s version to be a bit creepy — as was the whole movie really in a laughable sort of way. The clips I have seen of this version look so good. I love the JJ Feild’s expressions. They look very Tilney like. I just wish I could find somewhere to either purchase or view a digital (no disc required) copy of this movie.

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