Music Monday: One Call Away, Charlie Puth

Someone shared the link to this video with me last week when I was having a particularly rough day. It was a nice reminder that I’m not alone, and don’t we all need that sort of reminder now and again? It was just what I needed to put a smile in my heart.

CharliesVlogs. “Charlie Puth – One Call Away [Official Video].” YouTube, YouTube, 14 Sept. 2015.

As I was listening to this song again today while putting this post together, I thought — this would make a great song for a period montage sort of fan video. However, I don’t have those skills.  So, I’m just putting the idea out there in case there is someone reading this who possess those skills. 🙂  If someone does make one — or finds one (I looked but didn’t see one) — leave me the link, please. 🙂

In writing news:

First, remember that the Kindle sale on the Willow Hall Romance Series bundle ends on Tuesday. The price will go up on Wednesday.

Second, if you have read Henry: To Prove Himself worthy and you wish to have your say in which character I should consider for the next story, make sure your drop by the Other Pens Facebook Group and cast your vote before September 22, 2017.  I only have two votes, both for Edwards, on the official poll, but I have a few write ins from readers on who would like to see Mary find redemption next.  Hopefully, there will be more who will help me make this decision. I will eventually do both Mary and Edwards, but how their story develops will depend on whose gets told first.

Third, the next book that I plan to publish, Unravelling Mr. Darcy (A Dash of Darcy Novella), has been sent to my first reader for story notes, and even though she was on vacation, she has read it. I haven’t gotten her notes of things that need attention, but I know she has read the story since I got a message “suggesting” that I should be working on the sequel — NOW.  🙂  Well, I’m not working on that sequel at this moment, but it is on the list for writing next after I finish Confounding Caroline.

Fourth (and last), Confounding Caroline is, I think, at about the halfway mark. I have reached the point where Caroline has revealed to her brother why she needs to be dealt with if he is going to have a chance at a happily ever after with Jane.  In other words, the mess is just starting to be made.

If I can write at least 1000 words per writing session, I should be done with the first draft in 3 weeks. However, school begins this week, which means my schedule is going to go through a period of transition. Transitional periods sometimes throw off productivity, and sometimes they have no major effect. I’m hoping for the no major effect option. 🙂

Now, if you are the sort that likes to read sneak peeks of stories in progress, here is…

AN EXCERPT OF Confounding Caroline:

“Have you met Miss Clark?” Caroline asked.  “We spend at least a portion of every soiree in each other’s company, but I cannot remember if you have been properly introduced.”

Bingley narrowed his eyes and scrutinized his sister’s friend with a slight scowl on his lips.  It was rude perhaps, but the lady was wearing a very cat-like expression and looking at him as if he were a bowl of cream.  “No, I do not believe we have been introduced.  Welcome,” he finally said.  There were several other things that he wished to say, but he clamped his mouth shut and kept his speculations about her standing and wealth to himself. He knew his sister did not befriend anyone who was anything less than a gentleman’s daughter with a sizable fortune.  He cursed himself silently.  Such a fact should have alerted him to his sister’s insincerity toward Miss Bennet. For though Jane was a gentleman’s daughter, she was not wealthy and held no sway in the ton. 

“Miss Clark is attending the Johnson’s musicale tonight just as we are,” Caroline continued. 

“The Johnson’s musicale?” Bingley repeated. “Are you attending with Hurst and Louisa?”

“And you.”  Caroline laughed lightly. 

Bingley shook his head.  “I do not remember accepting any invitation.” 

“Oh, but you did. Last week.  I asked if I could attend, and you thought it would be an excellent thing.”  Caroline explained. 

Bingley shifted from one foot to another.  “And I suppose it is, as long as you go with Hurst and not me.” 

“But I accepted for both of us.  Mrs. Johnson and Marietta will be exceedingly disappointed if you do not attend.” 

Bingley shrugged.  Marietta Johnson was another of Caroline’s friends that his sister kept mentioning on a regular basis.  Apparently, her father’s estate was old enough, and Miss Johnson’s dowry was large enough for him to consider her as a possible wife.  “Tell them I have a sore throat or a headache or some such thing.”

Caroline gasped. 

“I have been out all day and have business that requires my attention and am in no mood to sit about and listen to song after song.”  He turned to Hurst.  “You are escorting Louisa to this musicale, are you not?” 

Hurst shrugged and nodded.  “It seems I am.” 

“There you are, Caroline.  You may go and see and be seen as you wish, and I can have a quiet night with my ledgers.” 

Caroline had crossed her arms and was pouting while Miss Clark was looking curiously between the two of them.

Bingley grimaced.  He had gone too far in being disagreeable it seemed.

“I say, you have become a right stodgy old bore,” Caroline grumbled. 

“Yes, well, the delights of town do not enthrall me as much as you, and you know my dislike of sitting for hours.” 

“Yet, you will sit behind your desk all night?”

He shook his head.  “No,  I shall pace a fair bit between bouts of sitting.” 

“My brother does not favour being idle either,” Miss Clark interjected.  “He often stands along the wall when he attends musicales with me.  You could stand with him.” 

“An excellent idea!” Caroline cried. 

Yes, Bingley thought to himself, that would set a few tongues to wagging if Miss Clark were to attend a soiree with Caroline while he stood along the wall and conversed with the lady’s brother.  Every interested wag would have them at the church’s door before the fourth piece of music had ended. 

“And who will tend to my business whilst I stand about looking foolish?” 

“You will not look foolish,” Caroline said with a laugh.  “You will be amiable and charming as you always are.  You will not lack for entertainment.” 

“I do not wish for entertainment.” 

“Please?” Caroline begged.  “You have not attended a soiree in over a week. People are beginning to talk.”

Bingley tipped his head.  “About what?”

Caroline bit her lip and ducked her head as she stole a secret look at her friend.  “That you have been jilted and are wallowing in heartbreak.” 

Bingley crossed his arms.  “And by being seen at a function with one of your friends on my arm will put these rumors to rest?”  His tone did not disguise his disbelief. 

“Of course.” Caroline blinked wide eyes at him.  “You must be seen in the company of someone if you wish for the rumors to stop.”

“Precisely why should I care about these rumors?”

” A man who has been jilted for who knows what reason the gossips create will find it hard to secure a good match.” 

Bingley chuckled.  “Not if he has my fortune.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have business that needs my attention.”  He turned and hurried to his study.  The tea he had requested and a small glass of brandy were on his desk.  He eased himself into his chair and pulled the missive addressed to him out from under the corner of the tea tray. 


Letter sent. Should have a response within the week. 

Mother insists I attend the Johnson’s musicale tonight. Your sister said you were attending. Johnson’s library is good for escaping the ordeal. Curious to hear about your mission.  Bring Darcy. 


Bingley sighed, took out his pen, and scratched a note to Darcy on the paper below Richard’s message.  Then, after folding, addressing, and sealing it, he rang for Jenkins to have it delivered. 

He shook his head as he stood in front of his desk and poured a healthy dose of the brandy into his tea before finishing what remained in the glass.  Caroline would be far too pleased to have him capitulate to her demands so soon after having refused.  He rounded his desk and sank into his chair once again.  There was no need to tell her until dinner.  He would savour this cup of tea and push around a few books while thinking of his happy future until then.

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  1. Yes! Bingley with a spine! He made the effort and foiled Caroline’s matchmaking.
    It’s just a pity that he now needs to go to the event but he must stick to his guns and ignore Caroline and her ‘friends’ , secreting himself in the library will do!

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