Music Monday: Two Period Drama Videos, Falling (Keri Noble)

I have two videos for you today — same song, different story — because I just could not pick one. I love both movies that have been paired up with this beautiful song.  Writing news and a story excerpt can be found below the second video.

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So which video did you like best? I really could not choose one.  They are both on my Music Meets Movies playlist on Youtube.  I picked this song to share today because of the excerpt that I am sharing.  Like many (most) of my books, So Very Unexpected is a story of two characters meeting and slowly realizing that they love each other.

In this book, the love story begins as a friendship.  Marcus finds Lydia in his cottage and befriends her on their trip back to Willow Hall.  Lydia has not had many true friends in her life and having someone like her just for herself and not for what they can get from her is a new experience.  As the story progresses this friendship evolves into something deeper — love.  The excerpt below is part of the chapter where Marcus is finally asked to consider Lydia as wife, and it is where his “fear” sets in as he wrestles with the thought.

So Very Unexpected is in its final stages of editing, and its release date is scheduled for February 14, 2017.


*( ) added to clarify characters

“The scoundrel (Wickham) may attempt to scheme his way into the coffers of whomever Miss Lydia marries.”  He (Marcus) leaned forward and glared at both men (Mr. Williams and Philip). “You know as well as I that not all husbands will be kind to a wife they think has played them for a fool.”  His heart beat heavily against his ribs while his fingers clutched the arms of his chair. How could they suggest such a thing? It would be better for Lydia never to marry than to be subjected to such treatment.

“Yes,” said Philip, pushing a folded piece of paper across the desk toward Marcus, “we have taken that into consideration.  I made a list of men I knew to be upstanding in my estimation.  The list was not long, of course.  We are not well-stocked with eligible gentlemen here in Kympton at present, so I included those I knew from Lambton.”

Marcus attempted to take the paper from the desk, but Philip held it in place by pressing down on it.

“Lucy wishes for me to say that she had only your description and a few comments made yesterday by Aunt Tess upon which to base her opinions when eliminating names.”  Philip removed his hand from the paper.  “However, she also had a few opinions of her own about some of the gentlemen I had included and therefore, would not allow their names to remain on the list.”

Marcus opened the paper.  A list of about fifteen names had been whittled down to five.  “Harris?  I dare say he would not treat her well,” Marcus muttered.  “It was he who called her a flirt to Miss Elizabeth.”

“Would you like to remove his name?” Philip held out a pen.  Had Marcus not been so disgusted with his cousin as a choice and therefore so eager to scratch out his name, he might have noticed the amused look that passed between Philip and Mr. Williams.

Marcus scooted to the edge of his chair and, placing the paper on the desk, scratched out his cousin’s name.  “Besides, he is only a captain.” He looked up at Philip.  “The bottom of what Miss Lydia finds acceptable for rank.  Now, Colonel Fitzwilliam has a better rank and good connections,” he drew a line through the name, “but Mary Ellen would not be pleased.”

“She should make her interest known,” muttered Philip.

“Perhaps, but I will not attempt to steer the object of her affections away from her.”

“Just as you refuse to inform him of her affections?” Philip asked with a laugh.

“Precisely.”  Marcus grinned at his brother.  “For the same reasons you have not made mention of it.”

Philip inclined his head in acknowledgment of the fact.

Marcus returned his attention to the list and scratched out the next two names.  “Not sensible enough.  It would be a home filled with folly,” he muttered about the first.  “Too sensible. She would be thought a fool,” he said of the second and looked up at his brother, “which she is not.”

He made one last omission from the list and, placing the pen on the desk, sat back in his chair.  It had taken some fortitude to omit the last name, for a small flutter in the vicinity of his heart wished for the gentleman to succeed with Lydia.

“You have made our task impossible.”  Philip’s words were stern, but his expression was not.  “You did not mention why the last man was unacceptable.”

“He is too old, and she is too young.”

Philip picked up the paper and motioned to his brother to lean forward.  Then, he looked very carefully at Marcus’ face.   “I am afraid you are wrong.”  He picked up the pen and added Marcus’ name once again to the list.

“I am not.”

Philip nodded and pointed to the corner of his eye.  “No lines.  Therefore, not old.”  He grinned.  “Although not young either.”

“I cannot marry her.”  The words cut at his heart.  “She is not ready to take on Aldwood Abbey.”

Mr. Williams snorted.  “She is not ready, or you are not?”  He stood.  “Your grandfather said the same about your mother when your father married.”  His hand rested on Marcus’s shoulder.  “And she did struggle at first, but ask anyone in your father’s employ, she rose to the challenge, just as I expect, Miss Lydia would. She is quick enough to see a blackguard for what he is and cunning enough to bend him to her purposes.  So, unless you can find a name to replace yours, you will have to accept one of the fellows you crossed off — or take on the responsibility yourself.”  He gave Marcus’ shoulder a pat.  “With you, she would, at least, be safe. Gentleman.”  He bowed and took his leave.

Philip rose. “I suppose my tea will be cold.”

Marcus nodded and took up his hat.  He really did not care if his brother’s tea was cold.  In fact, if he had not promised to take tea with Aunt Tess, he would just go home.  How could he face Lydia when his mind was in such a jumbled state.  Marry her?  See her married to another? Neither seemed an acceptable outcome.


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