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What kind of love is this story going to have? What is it going to look like? How is it going to develop and be realized? How is it going to be demonstrated? Those are questions I and my characters often wrestle with I’m writing — such as we were this past week and will continue to do this next week. To be honest, my current work in progress, One Winter’s Eve, is pushing me a little more in this area than some do because this is not an easy couple. They shouldn’t really like each other, but they seem to. I really do wonder at this point in the story, what kind of love this one is going to be (which is what led me to share the song below 🙂 )

DallasSmithVEVO. “Dallas Smith – What Kinda Love.” YouTube, YouTube, 5 Feb. 2013,

I’m going to share a little bit of Richard and Caroline’s relationship in the excerpt at the end of this post, but first I have some other writing news to share.

First and most importantly — This book goes “live” tomorrow!

Becoming Entangled can be preordered today and ordered tomorrow HERE.

The release day of any book is rather exciting because finally, the story gets to be enjoyed by others. Hopefully, Anne and Alistair will find many readers to enjoy their fun journey to happily ever after.  I know I loved writing their story and wanted to just stay there with them at the end of the book.

Next in excitement level on the writing list is the fact that Two Days before Christmas is out of my hands and into the hands of my first editor. That book will be out in December — and I have a kind of exciting plan for it, which I can’t tell you about yet.  🙂 Keeping exciting secrets is so hard! 🙂

I think that’s all the news I have, which means, we can now get to that story excerpt I told you I would share.

AN EXCERPT FROM One Winter’s Eve

“Yes, just there,” Caroline instructed a footman who was hanging the last of the kissing boughs in the dining room. 

The footman secured the bough and then gathered his things and left the room. 

Caroline turned a circle, surveying everything in the room. All was now ready.  The puddings and pies had been made.  Evergreen boughs and holly were arranged around serving dishes and chargers on the table in here, and the Christmas fire was burning in the drawing room.  She sighed contentedly. Not an item of all she remembered her mother doing for Christmas had been forgotten.  With everything in place as it should be, she found she did not mind being at Netherfield as much as she thought she would.  Things were far more festive looking in this grand home compared to her brother’s townhouse. 

“It looks very nice.” 

Caroline’s hand flew to her heart as she jumped at the sound of Richard’s voice near her ear. 

“My apologies,” he muttered.  “I did not mean to startle you.  I was sent to see if there was anything you required.” 

“I think all is ready,” she answered.  “You may report back to the rest that we can now take our ease until time to dress for dinner.”  She crossed to the table and moved a sprig of holly so that the berries could be seen better. “Perfect,” she muttered and turned to leave the room.

“You have a critical eye,” Richard said from where he leaned on the door frame. “That can be both good and bad.”

Caroline lifted her chin.  “How so?”  

“It allows you to see where improvements need to be made.  However, it can also allow you to see only the imperfections and forget to notice anything commendable.” 

Her brows furrowed, and she shook her head.  She was not the sort to only point out flaws.  She moved to exit the room. “I give praise where praise is due.” 

Richard caught her arm, keeping her from exiting the room.  “I’ve been thinking.”

“About what?” The grave, nearly stern, expression on his face made her feel as if she were about to be lectured by the headmistress at her school. 

“You would do far better to notice the commendable and stop being so blasted arrogant.” 

She gasped and tried to tug her arm away from him. 

“Your tirade in the carriage about the Bennets,” he shook his head.  “They will be your relations whether you wish for them to be or not, and if you wish to continue as a friend of Georgiana’s, you will need to begin thinking and speaking of her brother’s soon-to-be wife with more respect.”

Again, Caroline tried to extract her arm from his grasp and leave the room. 

This time, he moved with her into the room and closed the door behind him.  Then, when he was leaning against that door, he released her arm.  “I have not spoken to your brother about what you said because I do not think he needs to hear your thoughts about Miss Bennet.  I am certain he has heard enough of your vitriol. ”  He blew out a breath. “I have been trying to understand you.”

Caroline folded her arms and glared at him.  “Have you now?”

He nodded.  “Ever since Miss Elizabeth challenged me to reconsider my opinion of you.” 

Caroline’s mouth snapped closed, her retort dying on her lips.

“Finding one’s footing in society can be a challenge especially for someone who has parentage that the elite of society deems undesirable.  You said as much today.” 

Caroline shrugged and lifted her chin.

“To look at you,” he shook his head, “you are beautiful, but to know you,” his eyes swept from her head to her toes and back. “Good heavens, I wish you were as kind as you are beautiful.” 

“How dare you,” Caroline spat.  “Who placed you in a position to reprimand me on anything?”  She stepped closer to him, her eyes narrowing.    

“No one,” he replied. “Just me.”  He left his place of repose against the door and matched her advance with a step of his own. Did she always smell of oranges and spice?  The scent fit her. 

She lifted a brow.  “Why?”

He blew out a breath. “I’ll be hanged if I know.”  He had attempted to keep his thoughts to himself, but for some reason he felt compelled to see her improve, to reach her potential. It was likely that glimpse of her thoughtful, quiet nature at breakfast that had done it. 

She shook her head in bewilderment. He was making little sense.

He stepped to the side so that the door was free, but he once again caught her arm as she moved past him.  Pulling her close, he whispered, “You are a beautiful accomplished young woman who has no need to belittle others to make herself look better.” Then, before he could do something foolish like make use of the kissing bough which hung just in front of the door, he released her.    


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  1. Oh Richard, I know you could do so much better. Although if anyone can improve Caroline’s behaviour I would think you can. Good luck with that.

    1. See what I mean by they shouldn’t like each other — yet this story will not be put aside, so hopefully, it will all work out well in the end. (It should according to my planning notes, but you never know with these characters.) 🙂

  2. I love this. I just love it. This will be a grand pairing and one that should make great reading! I’m excited just reading this excerpt. The beauty is that Richard has the background and the breeding to go toe to toe with her and the strength of character to help her see her shortcomings less forcefully than some. Well done Leenie. I thought that Anne was hitting today and looked this morning just to realize it’s TOMORROW. LOL Woo Hoo!

    1. I’m rather excited about tomorrow as well 🙂 I just got my print proof today, and it looks good. 🙂 As far as the colonel and Caroline go, he should be a strong enough fella to take her on — at least that is the plan. 🙂

    1. Oh, this story has been and will continue to be a challenge. But, I’m actually relishing the challenge (and loathing it at times as well). I do enjoy taking on troublesome characters and attempting to better them. I find we both grow that way — them as a character and me as a writer.

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