Friday’s Feature: A Dash of Darcy Duo 2

Introducing a new Dash of Darcy Duo!

This duo contains the Dash of Darcy novellas Discovering Mr. Darcy and Unravelling Mr. Darcy. This is the first time that these two novellas have been available in a “combo pack,” and for this weekend only (Feb. 16-19,2018) it will be available on both Kindle and Kobo for the sweet price of $2.99 USD (Prices reduced worldwide dependent on currency). After this weekend, the price will go up to its regular price of $4.99. So, if you have not yet picked up these two novellas, now is your chance to get both for the price of one!

For those not yet familiar with my Dash of Darcy stories, these novellas range from about 20,000 to 25,000 or just slightly more words and answer the question “what if Darcy and Elizabeth’s story took a different path to happily ever after?” Each story in this collection will depart from the original work, Pride and Prejudice, at some specific point in that story’s timeline, and while some parts of the continuation may mirror the original, most will not because these tales are reimaginings and not retellings.

Because this month’s featured book is actually a pair of books, this post is going to be a bit long.  I will begin by sharing a short description and an excerpt from Discovering Mr. Darcy and follow that with the short description and an excerpt from Unravelling Mr. Darcy.

Remember that this book will only be priced on Kindle and Kobo at the cost of one of the books, $2.99, for this weekend, Feb. 18-19, 2018. After Monday, the price will go up.
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Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 18

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Part Eighteen

Mr. Bennet popped his head out of his study door.  “Hill.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Could you inform Lizzy that I would like to see her?”  He held a very interesting missive in his hand and knew that his daughter had also received some correspondence from town.  He was interested to know what Jane and Mrs. Gardiner had to say.

He closed the door and returned to his chair.  Propping his feet on a footstool, he peered through his glasses once again at Edward Gardiner’s surprising letter. He gave it a quick perusal and then put it aside to open the next unexpected piece of mail.  Colonel Fitzwilliam? The name did not sound familiar to him at all.

He smoothed the creases out of the letter and began reading.

Mr. Bennet,

Allow me to introduce myself to you. I am the Right Honorable Richard Fitzwilliam, colonel in his majesty’s militia and second son of the Earl of Matlock. I am also the cousin of Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley in Derbyshire, whose acquaintance you hold, and the co-guardian of his sister, Miss Georgiana Darcy. 

What follows is information that is of a very sensitive nature, and I would request that as a gentleman you guard it with utmost care.

Darcy has made me aware of the presence in your neighbourhood of a particular scoundrel with a well-practiced charm and ease of manner which will ingratiate him with nearly one and all.  However, he is not to be trusted with credit, wagers, or the hearts and virtue of young ladies.  Continue reading Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 18

Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 17

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Part Seventeen

So it was settled that, as soon as it was convenient, Bingley and Darcy would find a way to meet Sir Matthew Broadhurst and evaluate his suitability as a husband for Caroline.  It took only two days from the time of the decision being made in Darcy’s drawing room for an opportunity for such a meeting to occur.

As the sun was beginning its journey to its height, warming the earth and the people who had ventured out into the crisp air of a clear winter’s morning, Darcy and Bingley came upon a solitary rider loping his way through the park, a groom trailing at a good distance behind him.  Bingley, as he always did, tipped his hat and wished the gentleman a good morning.

The gentleman returned the gesture and then slowed his horse as he drew nearer Bingley and Darcy.

“I do not believe I have had the pleasure of making your acquaintance,” he began. “I am Sir Matthew Broadhurst of Stoningham in Surrey.”

“Charles Bingley,” Bingley returned, “and my friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley in Derbyshire.  It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Indeed it is,” Darcy agreed.  Continue reading Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 17

Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 16

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Part Sixteen

“Arranged?” Bingley repeated the word with no small amount of surprise. Was Jane suggesting that they arrange to compromise Caroline?   He had not thought his Jane could be so scheming.  While it was shocking, it was not off-putting.  In fact, if he were candid about the feelings it stirred within him, it was rather appealing that she would go to such lengths to have a happy future with him and to provide the same for her sister and Darcy.

“I know it is not proper,” Jane said quickly, her courage faltering at the startled look on Bingley’s face.  “But your sister has not treated either you or me well, and I dare say she has not spoken favourably about my sister to Mr. Darcy.  If she were to know that we were arranging things so that a match might occur between my sister and your friend, I am certain she would find some way to interfere just as she has between us.”  As she spoke her anger at how she had been duped into believing Caroline was a friend when in actuality she was nothing more than someone at whom Caroline might laugh rose.  She clasped her hands in her lap and squared her shoulders.  She would not faint now.  She would continue on.

“In fact, I believe the reason she interfered at all between you and me can be set solely on the fact that Mr. Darcy showed interest in Elizabeth.  If you were to remain at Netherfield, so would Mr. Darcy. That simply could not be allowed if your sister was to win the prize of Pemberley, which you have just now claimed is her continued goal. Therefore, one and all must be removed from Netherfield and such a danger.  And one must not encourage any connection with someone like myself here in town. Why what would happen if you and I should decide to marry, and you would return to Netherfield before she could effectively ensnare her prize? Would Mr. Darcy return to Netherfield with you for a time? Would he be a guest at our home? Would he continue to be enamored with my sister? It really would be far too dangerous to allow any of that.”

“She has a point,” said Richard. “A very good point.” He smiled.  “You are just as delightful as your aunt.  Are all the members of your family so astute?”  Continue reading Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 16

Music Monday: The Only, High Valley

I had a different song in mind for today’s post until this one popped up on YouTube as a recommendation for me on Saturday morning. Well, I gave it a listen, and then hit repeat several times and added it to my “My Kinda Country” playlist on both YouTube and Spotify. 🙂 To say I like it is a bit of an understatement. LOL Added to the fact that I like the song (a lot) as a reason for posting it today, is the fact that it fits in tone and theme with what I have been writing this week.

You see, I typed the final word of the first draft of Enticing Miss Darcy on Friday night (or technically Saturday morning as it was after midnight)! And we all know how a romance ends, right? On a very happily ever after note, which I think this song has in spades. So, I shelved the other song to use another week, and instead, you get to listen to this one. 🙂

Frankly, between writing the ending of Enticing Miss Darcy (8000+words) and One Winter’s Eve releasing this past Thursday, not much else got done this week in my writing world. 😀 Of course, it’s not like that was a relaxed schedule of work! I sent out emails, posted about the book being available, created some graphics as well as another book excerpt video, kept an eye on how things were selling and watching for the print version to link with the ebook, and so on. It was busy. I even skipped writing more of Confounding Caroline this week because when I get to the certain point in a story, and I can see the end coming, I have to get it out in order to be able to relax. 🙂 And I just couldn’t fit adding to Confounding Caroline and concluding Enticing Miss Darcy in my available writing time.

Looking ahead to this coming week, I will be working on a short story that will be a bonus follow up sort of thing for a couple of original characters in Enticing Miss Darcy.  I will also begin my first pass edits on Enticing Miss Darcy so that by the end of this  week or the beginning of next week, I will be able to send it to my first reader and start the process of polishing for publication. The tentative publication date is March 6, 2018, with a short pre-order period before that.

Also this week, I will have to begin working on brainstorming what the next work in progress will be. I think it is going to be a Dash of Darcy story.

Since I am heading into a transition period between stories, there maybe be one or two Monday’s without a story excerpt as I want to keep this bonus short story to Enticing Miss Darcy secret, and I want to have the next work in progress well underway before I share from it. (I like to make certain I am happy with how a story is unfolding before I start sharing.) And honestly, I need a breather, which means I am going to not push too hard to get things written and planned this week. (or at least I am going to try not to push too hard LOL)

So, for the final time on a Music Monday, here is…

AN EXCERPT FROM Enticing Miss Darcy

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Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 15

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Part Fifteen

Bingley did not stay to listen to her protests, and he knew there would be many.  Caroline liked Louisa, but Hurst was not her favourite person with whom to spend time.  But then, again, she did not like spending time with anyone who did not always agree with her, and Hurst did not always agree with anyone.  His opinion often shifted with his mood, and his ability to recall what he had said before was inversely proportional to the amount of port that had accompanied a discussion.  Caroline found it all very annoying.  She had complained of it often enough to her brother, but only once to her sister.

Louisa, though having only married for the sake of a good match, had found she did not despise her husband or his odd ways.  In fact, on the one occasion when Caroline had complained about Hurst to her, Louisa had made it clear that she not only respected her husband due to his position, but she also found his eccentricities to be endearing.  Bingley smiled at the thought of his sister stumbling upon love in a relationship that she had entered as a marriage of convenience.

His horse was waiting for him when he exited the house, and with only one glance at the window to the music room and a small ache in his heart for the rift that had grown between him and his sister, he rode off to call first on Hurst and then meet Darcy before calling at the Gardiners.

His plans, however, were to be upset in a most pleasant fashion, for when he arrived at Darcy House, he found Mrs. Gardiner and Miss Bennet in the sitting room, conversing with Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, as well as Georgiana’s companion, Mrs. Annesley, and Richard while Darcy attempted now and again to add to the discourse.  Continue reading Thursday’s Three Hundred: Confounding Caroline, Part 15

Music Monday: Bitter Sweet Symphony, David Garrett

Has it only been a week since last Monday? That busy week felt much longer than just seven days! 🙂 But, again, I am not complaining. It was a great week! However, I am hoping for a slightly less busy week this week.

DavidGarrettVEVO. “David Garrett – Bitter Sweet Symphony (Official Video).” YouTube, YouTube, 25 Aug. 2017,

I only have one major thing on the agenda for this week — the release of One Winter’s Eve! I’m so excited to finally be able to share this story with everyone! One of the things (and there was a long list of them) that I did this past week to start getting ready to let everyone know about One Winter’s Eve was to create this video excerpt from the story. I hope to get another little snippet of text made into a video this week. I enjoy making them, and I think it’s a slightly more fun way to read a short excerpt. 🙂

One Winter’s Eve is currently on preorder at your favourite retailer at this link.

In other writing news, I was able to get in five days of writing time — four were spent on Enticing Miss Darcy, and one was spent on Confounding Caroline.  I managed to get two chapters of Enticing Miss Darcy posted to Patreon, and what I wrote for Confounding Caroline is awaiting a reread later this week before I schedule it on the blog and Patreon.

I think that’s all the writing news I have for now. [That seems like so few words for all the busyness of last week. :)] So that means it is time for me to share an excerpt from what I wrote during my last writing session. This portion has not yet been shared on Patreon, but it will be (probably tomorrow).  We have reached a slightly sad part of the story for Georgiana, but sometimes a lady needs a bit of a jolt to help her see what she needs to see. And, of course, this short, momentary pain will make the end result much sweeter. (And that is why I have chosen the song I chose for today — well, that and I happen to like the song. :).

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