Wordless Wednesday: Fashion Plate (Evening Dress)

Fashion Plate (Evening Dress), See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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Leenie Brown fell in love with Jane Austen's works when she first read Sense and Sensibility followed immediately by Pride and Prejudice in her early teens. As the second of five daughters and an avid reader, she has always loved to see where her imagination takes her and to play with and write about the characters she meets along the way. In 2013, these two loves collided when she stumbled upon the world of Jane Austen Fan Fiction. A year later, in 2014, she began writing her own Austen-inspired stories and began publishing them in 2015. Leenie lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her two teenage boys and her very own Mr. Brown (a wonderful mix of all the best of Darcy, Bingley and Edmund with healthy dose of the teasing Mr. Tillney and just a dash of the scolding Mr. Knightley).

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Fashion Plate (Evening Dress)”

  1. I think the dress looks lovely — what a lot of hand sewing goes into such a creation. But… can you imagine how dirty it would be after a night of being dragged on the ground? If worn at a crowded ball, how many oafs would have trod on it? How many spills of punch would be absorbed into the hem? I guess if one was rich enough and had enough servants to take care of cleaning or mending or could afford an abundance of gowns, the little detail of possibly being ruined after only one wearing might not seem too bad.

    1. I am in awe of the amount of sewing required — and the patience that would entail! And then laundering them would be so much more work as well. I am so thankful for ready-made, machine wash clothing. 🙂

  2. That dress is amazing. I never would have been able to do even a quarter of the sewing that went into that dress…Thank goodness for Target, Walmart, Macys /…ect

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