I am the mother of two fabulous (most of the time) teenage boys and the wife of one sweet and thoughtful man.

I am somewhat of a grammar nerd…my two youngest sisters tell stories of me correcting their grammar in letters and sending the letters back to them, but I do NOT remember doing that…I am sure they exaggerate. 🙂

I love to read.  I was that kid, under the covers with the flashlight, reading until the wee hours of the morning. My heroes when growing up were authors. I loved what they did. The worlds they could paint with words were (and still are) my favourite playgrounds!

I also love to write.

It wasn’t until 2103 that my love of reading and playing with stories and my love of writing crashed into each other.  What happened to cause this collision?  I discovered Jane Austen Fan Fiction.  I was delighted to learn that there were others that continued plots and varied the stories in their imaginations just as I did.

I started by reading, but eventually, I began to argue (in my mind mostly) with the authors about their choices. So, I decided to put some of my ideas down on virtual paper, and after much encouragement from my dear husband, I signed up for two JAFF forums and began sharing my stories there. Now, I am taking it a step further.  With slightly trembling, anxious fingers, I am creating this blog where you can find my writing–both JAFF and non-JAFF.


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